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Сrafting event: SU-76D

An experimental Soviet SPG SU-76D will be an award in the upcoming crafting event in War Thunder!

SU-76D,SPG,USSR. rank II, Premium


  • Good gun
  • Low profile
  • Premium


  • Low protection

In the Soviet Union in the midst of the war, design teams from various industrial enterprises continued to work on new types of weapons. At the Gorky Automobile Plant, an initiative group of designers proposed a light tank destroyer design with a closed cabin and a diesel engine. In one of the iterations, the project turned to a vehicle with a low silhouette and an inclined arrangement of armor plates. It was assumed that the vehicle would be armed with 76 or 57mm guns. It was planned to install the modified hull carriage of the T-70 light tank as a chassis on the vehicle. The issue with a power plant remained unsolved though. There were two options: either using American-built GMC-71 diesel engines, which the Soviet Union received with lend-lease, or starting production on a domestic engine, similar to the American one.

The 76mm cannon, planned to be installed on the SPG, was no longer enough to destroy the latest models of German armored vehicles by the time the prototype was tested. This, as well as problems with fine-tuning of the domestic engine, became the reason for the closure of the SU-76D (D for "diesel") project. The second vehicle from this designer team, the SU-57B SPG, is already known by War Thunder tankers and has proven itself quite well in battles. We decided to add her older sister to the game!


SU-76D is a premium low-rank tank destroyer that will be one of the prizes of the new crafting event in War Thunder. The idea of ​​creating this vehicle is very interesting and unusual for Soviet tank engineering - a light tank destroyer with the lowest profile possible, a closed cabin and an inclined arrangement of armor plates in the front projection. The same principles underlie the design of the excellent German Hetzer tank hunter, which, unlike Soviet vehicles, was produced in large numbers and proved to be effective in combat.

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The SU-76D, built on the chassis of the T-70 light tank, has rather mediocre protection: even in the front projection, the self-propelled gun can be penetrated by almost all opponents, which is typical for most low-rank vehicles. However, the closed cabin will save the crew from machine guns of enemy anti-aircraft guns and aviation. The 76mm F-34 cannon has a range of shells from the early versions of T-34 tank with their versatile APHE rounds, and a barrel length useful for lower ranks, which ensures penetration in almost all enemies on the battlefield. The SU-76D's mobility is average - despite its lighter weight, the power of the diesel engine is not enough here, but on flat solid surfaces the self-propelled gun quickly develops a speed of up to 36 kph.

One of the main advantages of the SU-76D is its premium status, which will allow you to quickly research any Soviet armored vehicles of the I to III ranks and earn additional Silver Lions in battles.

The SU-76D is an interesting entry-level self-propelled gun with a good gun and premium status. You can get the new SPG in your hangar by completing simple tasks of the upcoming War Thunder April’s crafting event - stay tuned to our news!

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