Vehicle review: CV 90105

Until 20:00 GMT on the 6 of October- purchase the CV 90105 pack and you will receive a special “Approved by WT Wiki” decal.


The Swedish CV 90105 is a familiar sight to many armoured commanders on the battlefield and has become infamous for its versatility and flexibility.  Fans of Nordic armour will be well acquainted with this fast moving family of vehicles and the CV 90105 epitomizes this with a effective 105mm cannon, thermal imaging and a stabilized gun.


Today, we will tell you more about this machine's background.


The “Approved by WT Wiki” decal - is one of the rarest decals in the game that can be obtained by the author of good articles on the War Thunder Wiki and a player who has purchased the vehicle from the review created by Wiki Team.

CV 905105 pack
CV 905105 Pack
The Kit Includes:
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