“Tank Biathlon” and “Sea Biathlon”
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For the first time in War Thunder! We are announcing the start of the military sports competition: “Tank Biathlon” and “Sea Biathlon”. Compete with other participants in the skills of completing an obstacle course and precision shooting in modern tanks and warships.

From 11:00 GMT on the 23rd of August till 11:00 GMT on the 5th of September

Participate in military sports competitions in War Thunder!

For the time of the event, participants will receive predefined vehicle presets.

  • Tank biathlon: Т-72B3 or Т-80U by selecting USSR or the ZTZ96A by selecting China
  • Sea biathlon: Pr.206 "Shershen".

To access the Tank Biathlon you need to select USSR or China ground vehicles. To access Sea Biathlon you need to select any Soviet ship.


Each victory in Tank Biathlon — “Voucher: tank camo

Each victory in Sea Biathlon — “Voucher: ship camo”

Exchange your vouchers for custom camos!

  • 1 Tank camo for every 2 “Voucher: tank camo”.
  • 1 Ship camo for every 2 “Voucher: ship camo”.

The number of vouchers you may obtain is not limited! Choose wisely, you may get each camo only once. 

In Tank Biathlon there are 40 camouflages of 4 types (red, blue, green and yellow) available for each tank from the list:

Т-72B3 (will be available with the next major update), T-80U, M1A2 Abrams, Leopard 2A5, Challenger 2 (2F), Type 90 (B), ZTZ96A, Ariete PSO, Leclerc and Strv 122

In Sea Biathlon there are 6 camouflages for the following ships: Asheville (PGM-84), TS-Boot Proj. 206, Project 206, Fairmile D (697), Chikugo, Saetta P-494.

You can exchange vouchers for camouflages, or disassemble coupons,  using the Workshop → Biathlon that will be available until the 14th of September. After that date any unused “Camouflage exchange vouchers” will be removed from your inventory.


In the Tank Biathlon four crews will enter the race and will strive to reach the finish line first! You need to pass the obstacle course: overpass, snake, water barrier, whilst hitting the target from the main calibre cannon and machine gun by shooting from the static position and while moving. 

In the Sea Biathlon four commanders will join the course. On the way to the finish line you need to destroy various targets using main calibre cannons and torpedoes. Each destroyed target will activate a short boost. Use it to be the first to the finish line!

Special features

  • Custom camos are available as coupons, which will be activated automatically on your account. Coupons can’t be exchanged or sold on the market. 
  • If you mistakenly assemble a coupon you already have, you are able to disassemble it to get ‘Vouchers for camo’ without any penalties. This option will be enabled until September 14th.
  • You may receive a coupon for camo for the vehicle you haven’t researched yet. The new camo will become available after researching and purchasing the vehicle it belongs to.
  • Unused ‘Vouchers for camo’ will be disabled on September 14th.

”Tank Biathlon”

  • You will be able to choose one nation’s camo from the actual Tank Biathlon show: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Syria, Kirgizia, Armenia, or Serbia for the T-72B3 and T-80U. ZTZ96A only has the Chinese camo available.
  • Follow the route highlighted by markers. You will need to drive back to any missed points.
  • The tank will slow down in ramming the bollards.
  • Every crew receives limited ammo to complete the race. Additional rounds can be achieved after vehicle stops.
  • Huge targets can be destroyed only by cannon shells. Minor targets can be hit with machine gun fire also.

“Sea Biathlon”

  • During the race you’ll be able to get up to 7 speed-ups. Use them wisely.
  • Torpedoes are extremely effective versus huge or distant targets.
  • Targets available to destroy vary; balloons, motor boats and ships, as well as mines.

The War Thunder Team


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