Thunder Show: Snug Fit

It's time for your weekly episode of the Thunder Show! Enjoy our selection of epic and humorous Community videos of the week.


10 November 2017

Team Deathmatch 100

Participate in the '100' Team Deathmatch Event on the locations “Tunisia”, "Poland" and "Khalkhin Gol"!


10 November 2017

Naval Test: Check how we reworked Andaman Sea map!

We would like to invite closed beta test participants to the latest ship combat session!


10 November 2017

Answers from the developers

Another round of questions and answers, with War Thunder producer Vyacheslav Bulannikov!


9 November 2017

The Shooting Range Ep. 69

You are watching The Shooting Range – a weekly show for all tankers, airmen and aspiring Captains in War Thunder.


9 November 2017

VICTORY Tournament series - celebrating War Thunder’s 5 year anniversary!

Take part in the special “VICTORY” Tournament series dedicated to 5 year anniversary of War Thunder and get a chance to win the very rare E-100 tank, the “Volksjäger” He 162 A1 “Salamander” or both!

9 November 2017

Video Highlights

Pilots, Tankers and Captains! Its time for our regular roundup of Youtube creations from you, the War Thunder community. Enjoy!


8 November 2017


One of the more popular ways to make your vehicle cooler - camouflage - has become even more functional for tankers! We have added one very useful layer - a fixed one.


8 November 2017

Panzerjäger I - The first German Tank Hunter

The Panzerjäger I’s story start with the PzKpfw I German light tank. This tank, originally designed to be a training vehicle.


8 November 2017

NC.223.3: let nobody leave unsatisfied!

The French bomber NC.223.3 is a seriously refined version of another starter-level bomber, the F.222. Four engines, an incredibly huge bomb load and cannon turrets!


7 November 2017

Players who surprised us in October

We are happy to introduce the very original top-5 players from the previous month. Unusual achievements you could never think of. Every one of these players is extremely good in his own way on gaining victory - or at least trying to do so.


7 November 2017

User-made sighting reticles

There are three thing you can watch forever: fire burning, water falling and.. enemy moving in the crosshair of your sights. Especially if it was designed by you!


6 November 2017