Weekend tournaments, 16th - 17th of September

Pilots and tankers! Every weekend we continue to introduce more tournaments on the TSS portal!


14 September 2017

FV102 Striker: Five Missile Death Punch

Developed as part of a family of British lightly armoured fighting vehicles, the FV102 Striker served as an ATGM missile carrier with the British army right up until the early 2000s and now, he’s getting ready to soon join the fight against some of the top-performing steel beasts in War Thunder’s 1.71 Update!


13 September 2017

Video Highlights

Pilots, Tankers and Captains! Its time for our regular roundup of Youtube creations from you, the War Thunder community. Enjoy watching!

13 September 2017

The La-174 is back!

Do not miss your chance to research and buy a rare jet fighter - the La-174 !


11 September 2017

F4U Corsair: Sky pirates are back!

In the upcoming War Thunder update 1.71 “New E.R.A.” we present two new fighters and a complete remodeling of the legendary Corsair series.


11 September 2017

War Thunder Wiki: World war - Commander's-tools (second part added)

We present to you two videos about the World War mode - the function of the commander.


10 September 2017

Happy tanker’s day!

To celebrate the tanker's day, win an M3 Medium tank (URSS) or an SU-76M 5th Gv.Kav.Corps!


9 September 2017

“Colosseum” Series of Tournaments - September 2017

Таке part in the new “Colosseum” series of tournaments that are available on the TSS portal in September:

9 September 2017

Thunder Show: Less is more

It's time for your weekly episode of the Thunder Show! Enjoy our selection of epic and humorous Community videos of the week.


8 September 2017

Update 1.71 "The New E.R.A" digest

Check out what we've got prepared for in the up and coming Update 1.71 "New E.R.A"! New rank 6 vehicles, new and exciting locations, and much more!


8 September 2017

War Thunder Competitions - August winners

After reviewing the entries of our last month's Community competitions, we are now happy to announce the winners that are sharing a total prize fund of 10 500 Golden Eagles! Interested in joining in yourself? Find out more here!

8 September 2017

Gunner's view

In update 1.71 New E.R.A. we will introduce a lot of new features and one of them is a long anticipated gunner view for aircraft with one gunner position.


7 September 2017