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Vehicle review: Saab J29D


In the past, we have often found that most interesting vehicles in War Thunder are usually showcased by larger, more technologically advanced nations such as the USSR, USA, Germany or Britain, but we recently decided to take a look at, what some might call, the Swedish barrel with wings known as the Saab J29D and we are now happy to say that this surely is one of the more interesting and capable fighters at rank V. 

It sports a completely monstrous engine which makes it possible to take 4 x 30mm cannons into battle with a total ammunition count of 400 rounds, and while doing so, it still remains the fastest and most thrust-capable aircraft among its classmates.

With these impressive specs, the Swedish nation in War Thunder has received an impeccable climber/interceptor and an equally excellent cannon attacker, and it keeps on giving, considering it can sport rockets as well!

The Kit Includes:
  • Saab J-29D (Rank 5 Sweden);
  • 2000 Golden Eagles;
  • Premium account for 15 days.
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