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Finals of the Second Season of War Thunder League
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Fellow War Thunder Players! We announced the start of the Second season of War Thunder League in August. Today we introduce the tournament ratings that will allow you to participate in the finals of the season.

In order to participate in the final tournaments of the Golden division of the League, players have to reach the following ratings to reach the necessary rating in the corresponding tournament mode and battle type in the tournament leaderboard:

Air tournaments:

  • 1017 and higher in Arcade air tournaments;
  • 1022 and higher in Realistic air tournaments;
  • 1004 and higher in Simulator air tournaments.

Ground tournaments:

  • 1030 and higher in Arcade ground tournaments;
  • 1037 and higher in Realistic ground tournaments;
  • 1019 and higher in Simulator ground tournaments.

Combined tournaments:

  • 1010 and higher in Arcade combined tournaments;
  • 1020 and higher in Realistic combined tournaments.

If you reach the needed rating in any of the modes above, you can take part in the Grand-Final tournament. You can find out more about Grand-Final, final tournaments and prizes in our recent news.

To qualify for the Finals of the Silver division, players should reach the following ratings in the corresponding tournament mode and battle type:

Air tournaments:

  • From 1001 to 1016 in Arcade air tournaments;
  • From 1001 to 1021 in Realistic air tournaments;
  • From 1001 to 1003 in Simulator air tournaments.

Ground tournaments:

  • From 1005 to 1029 in Arcade ground tournaments;
  • From 1010 to 1036 in Realistic ground tournaments;
  • From 1005 to 1018 in Simulator ground tournaments.

Combined tournaments:

  • From 1001 to 1009 in Arcade combined tournaments;
  • From 1001 to 1019 in Realistic combined tournaments.

Registration for the Finals will open on September 20th, 2019 at 16:00 UTC. You will be able to improve your ratings and register in final tournaments until the start of first final tournament of the season on September 27th, 2019. Tournaments after September 27th will not change the ratings.

The best players of the season according to the tournament ratings leaderboard will be chosen based on the results on September 27th, 2019. After the end of the second season, tournament ratings will be reset and preparation for the next season will start.

Follow the news about the finals of the War Thunder League - soon we will announce the prizes that you can win in the events and streams dedicated

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