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The Battle of Kursk
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From July through to August of 1943, German and Soviet forces would clash at the infamous Battle of Kursk, one of the largest tank battles in history where legends such as the Tiger, Panther and T-34 clashed in ferocious combat. Beginning with the German ‘Operation Citadel’, which aimed to ensnare Soviet forces from the North and South with a pincer movement, Wehrmacht forces faced fierce resistance from the Red Army. 

The battle resulted in the first time German forces were successfully halted in their advance before being able to successfully pierce key strategic points. Soviet forces managed to not only stop the German advance, but wear down their defences and resources to the point where they could launch a successful counter-offensive.

From 15:00 GMT on the 23rd of August until 07:00 GMT on the 26th of August

Participate in the Battle of Kursk

Available events:

[Enduring Confrontation] "Kursk" - aircraft battles.

  • Soviet and German aviation will participate in the event.

“The Battle of Kursk” - combined battles

  • Soviet and German machines will participate.
  • There are 3 respawns available. To fly out in aircraft, you will  need to earn Respawn Scores. The number of respawns on some ground vehicles is limited for the team.
  • The difficulty level is “World War”. A special marker will appear above enemy vehicles that have been spotted by your crew. The usual aircraft marker, and “lead” marker for self-propelled anti aircraft guns, will be displayed. The external bombing marker (as in AB mode) is available for aircraft.
  • This event has 30% SL and RP bonus.

The event series in the RB game mode offers participants battles with historical setups. In some of these battles, participants will have the opportunity to obtain additional bonuses. Events can offer battle formats that are different from random battle modes in War Thunder.


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