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The results of the short guides competition

Awesome! You’ve proven you can handle it, and now everyone you've taught the wisdom of War Thunder to can handle it as well. We are now pleased to announce the winners of the competition!

Your creations will not be lost! We will publish the text guides and learning videos in a special section on the War Thunder Wiki, and we will be sure to identify the nicknames of authors in a visible area, so all players will be able to find your great advice and know whom to thank.

Winners of the “short video guides” category




And also: My_tail_is_gone, hachersk_Anon, FinzolaK, Hotshot22, Groundpound, WingalingDragon, and Skreezilla!


  • Choice of premium vehicles up to rank V (excluding vehicles from update 1.89 and any special event vehicles)
  • In-game title “Educator”
  • Premium account for 3 months

Winners! Please keep an eye on your private messages in the forum. We will contact you there during the next week for clarification as to which premium vehicles you seek to choose. If we are unable to get in contact with you, we reserve the right to choose the premium vehicles for you.

Winners of the “short text guides” category

And also: imaK, Lumastad, Rapitor, LittleHenry, Aussie_Mantis, _82AB_GruberRd, and fisherbait


  • In-game title “Educator”
  • Premium account for 1 month

If you want to see all participant creations, feel free to check out the relevant forum topic. Follow the guides, and improve your skill in War Thunder. The next competition is not far away, so we’ll see you again soon!


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