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VFW: German Ballista
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The VFW was an experimental German heavy SPAAG, developed and tested in the later stages of WW2. Although the project was eventually abandoned, War Thunder players will have the chance to obtain this unforgiving tier III German heavy-hitter as part of the upcoming ”Battlefield Engineer” event!

Briefly: An experimental WW2 open-topped German heavy anti-air vehicle, fitted with the powerful 8.8cm FlaK 41 cannon.


The VFW was the first of several projects of the Krupp company to mount a heavy anti-air gun on a mobile armored chassis. This initially developed version, which mounts the 8.8cm FlaK 41 cannon onto a heavily modified Panzer IV chassis, was created in 1944.

Initial tests of the vehicle were performed throughout 1944. However, apart from tests producing mixed results, it was lacking interest that eventually led to the project’s ultimate cancellation later that year. As a result, the VFW never left prototype stage and only a single experimental vehicle was ever produced.


Although the VFW was by design a heavy anti-air vehicle, in game, it’s more likely to fill the role of a lightly protected, but mobile tank destroyer of rank III with premium status.

You can raise the armoured boards by choosing the appropriate modification in the hangar - this will increase the crew protection but will deprive the vehicle of the ability to conduct circular fire.



Fitted with the powerful 8.8cm FlaK 41 cannon and its respective potent ammunition selection, the VFW can comfortably knock out any opposing ground vehicle that it can meet in random battles. The major trade-off here is protection however. The VFW is by all means a so called “glass cannon”, meaning it’s hardly able to sustain damage whatsoever. This is unsurprising when considering that most of its crew is  highly vulnerable to incoming fire and shrapnel, due to being situated within the exposed open fighting compartment on top of the hull.


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Nonetheless, the VFW will remain a highly effective tank buster, thanks to its excellent 88mm cannon and should by no means be underestimated by its opponents for simply lacking armor. Those that do will unlikely live to convince others of doing the same. Look no further than this premium beauty if precision long-range shooting is your cup of tea!

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