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Leningrad: From The Ashes

The Leningrad is the lead ship of her class of three Soviet destroyers built for the Baltic Fleet during the 1930s. Some captains may have already acquainted themselves with the Moskva, another ship of the class, but now Leningrad is also going to be available to all players as one of the main prizes in the ongoing naval marathon event!

Briefly: The lead ship of the Leningrad-class destroyers, featuring a late-war configuration with improved anti-air capabilities.


The Leningrad-class destroyers were the first large warships designed and built by the Soviet Union after the Russian revolution and subsequent civil war. Inspired by the French Vauquelin-class destroyers, Soviet shipbuilders designed the Project 1 destroyer, which was expected to surpass any existing destroyer type in Soviet service at the time.

The Project 1 destroyer was approved for construction in February 1930, with the first ships being laid down in 1932. Leningrad, as the lead ship of the class, was laid down in November 1932 and was launched after just one year of construction. During her sea trials, Leningrad surpassed expectations by being able to achieve much higher speeds than initially designed. However, sea trials also reveal several problems, which led to the Leningrad’s commissioning being delayed while the ship underwent modifications in the drydock.

At last, Leningrad was commissioned into service in December 1936 and was assigned to the Red Banner Baltic Fleet. After the German Invasion of the Soviet Union, Leningrad was tasked with protecting minelayers and later helped lay minefields herself. The ship was primarily operating in the waters around Kronstadt and Leningrad itself, often shelling enemy positions on the shoreline or covering allied troops. Leningrad continued doing so until the siege of Leningrad was lifted in 1944.

After WW2, Leningrad continued serving with the Baltic Fleet, undergoing major modernization in the early 1950s. However, the ship would soon be converted into a target vessel, being used as such into the early 1960s before an anti-ship missile sealed the fate of the Leningrad once and for all in May 1963.


In War Thunder, Leningrad will be available as one of the major prizes awaiting captains in our ongoing naval marathon event. Although sharing a number of similarities with its sistership - Moskva - Leningrad offers improved anti-air capabilities and allows captains to advance onto light cruisers faster, thanks to its premium status.

Sharing an identical primary armament layout as the existing Moskva, Leningrad too is equipped with five 130mm B-13 cannons. While these cannons can certainly inflict some serious damage onto their opponents, it’s worth noting that the turrets housing the main armament turn very slowly and are thus unable to quickly react to unexpected threats. However, captains can always attempt to solve a hairy close-quarters situations by launching a spread of torpedoes from the two quadruple 533mm torpedo launchers.

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Unlike the Moskva however, Leningrad features an expanded arsenal of secondary and anti-air armament. Fitted with one dual and and two single 34K 76mm cannons, that also have AA rounds, six single 70-K 37mm cannons and four single 12.7mm DshK machine guns, the Leningrad destroyer is much better equipped to deal with aerial targets and smaller surface vessels trying to sneak up on it. As a result, Leningrad captains will have to worry less about enemy aircraft and patrol boats and may instead focus on engaging other large surface vessels while the gunners take care of the rest.

Like its sistership, Leningrad armor is represented by the armored gun shields protecting the crew that operates the main calibre gun. However, Leningrad can still rely on its speed for protection. Being able to reach a top speed of 43 knots (80 km/h), Leningrad can simply evade enemy fire while quickly performing sharp maneuvers.

The Leningrad destroyer leader is available to all captains as one of the main prizes in our ongoing naval marathon event. Be sure to take part in the event and secure yourself a number of other prizes to go along with your Leningrad as well! Until then, best of luck and fair seas captains!

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