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Festivities in War Thunder!

This year was full of many events and it is coming to its end but we are ready to celebrate the upcoming new year and welcome 2019 in with you!

Christmas Gift

From December 21st (15:00 GMT) to December 24th (07:00 GMT) gain one victory whilst controlling any ground forces vehicle of rank 3 or higher with at least 70% battle activity and receive the M13/40 (II) Italian premium medium tank.

Festive Quest!

Let’s decorate the Christmas tree together! Earn Christmas toys in battles and receive multiple rewards. Light the Christmas tree along with other War Thunder players to get even more prizes!

50% ingame discounts

  • From December 21st till December 27th - for talismans, backups, modifications and 90 or 365 days of the Premium account! 
  • From December 21st till December 23rd — for USA and USSR vehicles!
  • From December 23rd till December 25th — for German and British vehicles!
  • From December 25th till December 27th— for Japanese, Italian and French vehicles! 


  • Discounts are updated at 11:00 GMT every day
  • All the discounts are effective for all vehicles that can be purchased with SL or GE, except for vehicles added in update 1.83 “Masters of the Sea” and update 1.85 “Supersonic”.
  • Starting from December 27th there will be discouns in the Gaijin store. We will provide the details later. 

We have prepared even more!

Festive events are waiting for you, as well as discounts in game store, festive Warbonds and tournaments. Make sure you check this news again!

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