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Dear players,

Another round of questions and answers, with War Thunder producer Vyacheslav Bulannikov!

Air Forces

Q. Can you tell us about your progress on the Italian Reggiane line? It's been quite sometime since we had the Re.2000 and Re.2000 G, are the other aircraft of this line still in the works?

A. Yes, we are working on other Reggiane aircraft and hopefully we will make Italian aircraft fans happy in the nearest future

Q. Do you plan more guided munitions like the Hs 293 anti-ship missile or allied AZON bomb?

A. We do not exclude an opportunity that we will introduce more guided bombs, as well as the ones mentioned above

Ground Forces:

Q. Can you tell us what the defined magnification for gun sights is in ground forces? Are all vehicles set to their historical magnification?

A. We follow one rule: if the real sights had over 3x magnification - we use the historically accurate value, if it had less - then we use standard in-game one.

Q. Will Italian Ground Forces also include minor axis nations (Like Hungarian machines) in a similar way to its aviation tree?

A. It’s too early to tell at the moment.


Q. Should we expect helicopter events for SB? At the moment we have them for AB and RB while SB players have no opportunity to research secondary armament (like rockets, bombs and missiles)?

A. It is possible as a separate irregular event. At the moment you can upgrade your helicopters whilst playing combined SB ground battles.

Q. What do you think about this type of vehicle type gameplay wise? Could you tell about your plans for the helicopter development in War Thunder?  

A. We believe that helicopters have their own interesting and entertaining gameplay which can be truly seen in combined battles. As for our plans, we have already said, that we plan to develop it in scope and depth, meaning adding helis for other nations and introducing new systems and, perhaps, new modes for the helicopter battles.

Q. Is it possible that helicopters will receive air-to-air missiles in the future?  

A. Yes, we think it may be possible and we are testing the functionality at the moment.

Q. Will helicopters take part in naval battles?

A. Considering current BR limitations for aircraft in naval battles - it’s too early to tell at the moment. Besides that, logically helicopters will participate in high-rank battles where the vessels are pretty huge and fighting them without guided torpedoes or anti-ship missiles will be hardly possible. This brings many complications to the gameplay and requires further work on guided munitions.

Q. Do you have plans for more Cobra variants and upgrade packages? For example the AH-1Q modification for the AH-1G or perhaps the AH-1W “Super Cobra” to go before the AH-1Z?

A. Yes, we do have plans to add more AH-1 modifications.

Q. Germany quite extensively used the Mi-24D and Mi-8, can we expect to see these in the future for the German tree?

A. Mi-8 is unlikely, since it was a multipurpose machine at the time, but we’ll think about the Mi-24D.

Q. Do you plan to add light helicopters? MH-6 Little Bird?

A. Probably, at some point.

Q. Do you plan to add tutorial missions for helicopters?

A. Yes, we do.


Q. With update 1.83, we saw the addition of the British Royal Navy to Naval Forces. Is there anything you can tell us about what may come next for Naval Forces? Japan or Italy?

A. It’s too early to tell at the moment - We have already answered that we develop several nations at a time. But I can say that the next nation to be added will be one of these two.  

Q. Are there any plans to improve the wake effect for ships? Currently they are a little lackluster compared to vessels in real life.

A. Yes, we are working on it and preliminary results look very promising, we hope to add this feature in the nearest future.

Q. Is it possible to switch on “axis vs. allies” matchmaking in naval battles?

A. At the moment we analyze efficiency of specific vessels and their BR spread. Unlike ground vehicles or aircraft, the vessels of the various nations can be really different. Thus, there are some unique vessel types such as Soviet armoured boats or British corvettes. So battles “nation vs. nation”  or “allies vs. axis” may be imbalanced. We will make a decision about including such matchmaking options after we analyze efficiency statistical data, we are also thinking about adding various events with national teams or even specific line-ups and scenarios.

Q. Do you plan to introduce naval battles for Sb mode? and if yes - what missions?   

A. No such plans at the moment.

Q. Do you plan to bring more diversity to the mission types? Like bring the “convoy” mode back or add something new?

A. We are working on it - both on making new scenarios and improving current ones.

Q. Will you implement aircraft torpedo Motobomba FFF?

A. That might be interesting, we’ll see about that.

Q. Do you have any ideas how depth charges should be used in the game? At the moment they are barely effective

A. At the moment they work as planned - this is the munition for the fast boats and close quarters.

Q. Will you reduce torpedo visibility in RB and visibility depending on the torpedo type.

A. That’s possible. Visibility parameters of torpedoes and their trail is one of the few balancing options we have in Realistic naval battles.

Q. Do you plan to increase survivability of destroyers and all other larger ships? IRL there were situations when such vessels survived heavy damage and stayed afloat, even after the bow was completely ripped off.

A. In real life such damage as the bow being ripped off usually leads to a situation where a ship is no longer able to take part in a battle and significantly reduces its speed. As for the game - it is possible that a destroyer may survive a torpedo or a bomb unless the magazine detonates.

Q. Do you plan to add tutorial missions for naval vessels?

A. Yes, we are working on them at the moment and we hope to introduce them in the nearest future.

You can ask your question to the developers on our official forum in the "Questions to the Team" section.

The War Thunder Team

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