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Enduring confrontation series - Allies vs Axis
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From 15:00 GMT on the 5th of October until 07:00 GMT on the 8th of October

A series of missions [Enduring Confrontation] for RB at the weekends will continue for the aircraft of Allies and Axis without fixed vehicle setups. 64 players will participate In a battle in aircraft of a Battle Rating between 3.7 and 4.7 for all nations on the locations “Ruhr”, “Sicily” and “Montmedy”. You can join the [Enduring Confrontation] battle even after the mission has already begun.

The logic for the front line in realistic mode has been updated, combat and cargo convoys will appear more often and a new “Air Supremacy” mission is available. More information regarding the improvements in [Enduring Confrontation] can be read in the development blog and in the changelog from 15.05.2018.  

The War Thunder Team

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