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Another round of questions and answers, with War Thunder producer Vyacheslav Bulannikov!

Q. Will electric transmissions in the game be tuned? Right now they behave incorrectly in many ways, and these tanks need their correct gearboxes.

A. Yes, we plan to do this.

Q. Do you plan to add a branch for British light tanks?

A: We don’t have plans for it as a branch exactly, but we do plan to add various light vehicles, including wheeled ones.

Q. Will you add destructibility to old maps like Poland or Eastern Europe and how is the reworking progressing in this regard? After adding such a large mechanic into the game, it looks like there isn't much attention being paid to it.

A. We have no immediate plans right now, it needs to be developed further as a gameplay element.

Q. We see NERA filling in NATO tank armour. How do you plan to implement expendability for these blocks? The principle of their action is comparable to reactive armour blocks.

A. In principle any armour, even ordinary steel armour loses its durability in a certain area from a penetration or a hit, including NERA, although it isn’t comparable with the area size in which reactive armour block is hit when it activates. Possibly if we implement a filler using ceramics it will be made using the same method as reactive armour and will be fully destructible in in the area around the penetration point. Technically this could be implemented.

Q. On the StuG III and StuH 42 there are mounting points for machine guns, but they’re not used even though vehicles like these need them for defense. Can we expect them to be added?

A. From what I remember, they had a very narrow band of fire, but considering that these vehicles have no paired machine gun, yes, it is possible that we will add these items.

Q. How are things currently with the mechanics for armour-piercing bombs? In reality they could sink battleships, in the game they do low damage to destroyers.

A. Currently they have no special armour-piercing action like that of armour-piercing rockets for example, all the damage is done by the explosive material in the bomb. We plan to work on this aspect further to make it reflect reality more accurately.

Q. There are currently only 2 nations in the naval closed beta test. We have seen many vehicles from other countries. Roughly how long will we have to wait to see them in battle?

A.Not all nations currently have a range of vehicles that is sufficient for a full-fledged tech tree, although we’re working on this. We plan to add at least one other nation to the closed beta test in the summer.

Q. When will new game modes be added, are any planned at all?

A.We’d like to implement more new naval modes and we’ll most likely do that. In our view, aerial and tank battles have the most balanced and playable team modes, and as for non-team modes, we regularly hold various events.

Q. Why do some nations never fight each other in mixed tank battles? Why is the “USSR against everyone” setup disabled, although many players use USSR?

A. In mixed battles, country setups are configured with consideration for the best balance and time for assembling sessions, which means practically any combination of countries is allowed. The main combinations are the Axis against the Allies and the West against the East. As for combinations like one country against many, we try not to do those since they usually have the worst balance.

Q. With the start of the navy closed beta test, the question of expanding the vehicle set has become pressing. Can we expect more vehicles to be added soon or after the navy closed beta ends?

A. It’s a possibility, but after naval warfare becomes available to all players.

Q. You changed the research tree layout in naval warfare. The result is interesting. Can we expect something similar for aircraft and tanks in the future? I.e. a similar tree which allows players flexibility in their progress, rather than maxing out all the branches in full.

A. We don’t currently have such plans. Apart from that, there are several factors that restrict the naval tech tree that we’ve written about in a devblog entry dedicated to this subject. This has less relevancy for tanks and aircraft.

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