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T-64BV: Defence Reaction
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The T-64BV is a new researchable modification for the T-64B tanks, which adds a reactive set in War Thunder update 1.79. Pimp the tank!

In short: a new modification for the T-64B which makes your favourite tank even cooler! The Kontakt ERA set adds excellent defense to the hull and turret against ATGMs and HE shells.


In the early 1960s, the USSR held successful tests of reactive armour against explosive force,  and by the early 1980s, a unified set of reactive add-on armour called Kontakt was ready to boost the defenses of the current tank fleet, and for installation on new vehicle models. Among the tanks which successfully completed state tests of the new reactive configuration was the medium T-64B tank, which was later modernized and given a new designation: the T-64BV.

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In our game, the T-64B is a hero of high-rank tank battles. The vehicle has complex combined protection for hull and turret which does a good job of absorbing the energy of kinetic shells and even some chemical rounds. Thanks to the reactive add-on armour, the T-64BV is able to withstand hits from the most powerful HEAT shells and ATGMs of the HOT series - in the case where the hit occurs in the zone of maximum protection on the tank.  At the same time, the reactive blocks are destroyed when shells hit them from volleys of high-calibre machine guns or automatic anti-air cannons. Demolition bomb explosions can even “blow off” the reactive blocks from whole area on the tank, so the new system is far from a panacea against enemy fire.

Fun fact: in the War Thunder team, there is a joke that the BV index in this tank’s designation are the initials of our lead game designer Bulannikov Vyacheslav, and of course, this tank will be impossible to destroy. 


The upgrades to the T-64BV version will be implemented in the form of a researchable modification for the T-64B tank in War Thunder update 1.79. After researching this modification, the tank’s appearance will change, but any camouflage, decals or decorative items installed will remain.

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