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Dear players,

We bet no one expected another bunch of questions so early! Enjoy and remember, you can ask your questions both in the comments section below, or on our Official Forum!

Q. Why do some light tanks have various new features while others don’t ? For example, the T-50 doesn’t have them, although in reality, for example, it was engaged in reconnaissance on the Leningrad front. The same applies to wheeled vehicles.

Some light tanks at their BR and rank actually have the capabilities of a medium tank, and that’s why these new functionalities were not added for them. The T-50 is one of those tanks.

Q. Why does the T92 have 12mm of armour yet doesn’t get a complete "hull destruction" when the ATGM "Konkurs" hits it? Under what criteria does a vehicle have to fall for the mechanics of hull destruction to apply?

Since March of this year, the Damage Model of this tank includes the mechanic of "hull destruction" for high explosive and HEAT. As for the criteria - a small mass, and armour less than 30 mm.

Q. Tanks in-game are moving forward in the sense that more and more new models are emerging with more sophisticated systems. Will there, in the future, be discussion as to the addition of night sights with thermal imaging?

Yes, it is something we will look at, but there may be some obstacles that may prove  insurmountable for ULQ (the "compatibility with older graphic cards" mode). For example, it is very difficult, or even impossible, to realise the operation of IR or TPV sights on ULQ.

Q.How soon will players see new Japanese ground vehicles? For example, heavy tanks are a necessity.

There will be something in update 1.79, but there are no heavy Japanese tanks at the moment because the tanks themselves are very controversial - in fact, they were generally projects.

Q. Are there plans for any Japanese ATGMs with second-generation rockets?

By themselves, the Japanese do have ATGMs with second-generation rockets; the question as to which vehicles will sport them, - that is a determination that will have to be made. At the moment, I can not say with certainty which one it will be - we’re still deciding that.

Q. Should we expect improvements to the mechanics of tank destruction, namely the destruction of the chassis and suspension/wheel from hits of 75-152 mm shells? In reality, most of the tanks were knocked out of action by the destruction of the chassis.

It’s one of those ideas that was considered at the beginning of work on ground vehicles. In principle, we haven’t abandoned this idea and it’s still on the table.

Q. The game already has several aircraft (about 15 if not more) that have external or  additional fuel tanks. Will it be possible to unequip them, or perhaps leave them empty and rely only on the internal fuel tanks? At the moment you can take enough fuel for 9 minutes or 30 minutes but these tanks will remain on the aircraft. Also, how do they affect the Damage Model?

To fill or not to fill - it is now possible to solve this crisis by one’s choice regarding quantity of fuel before departure. Those external tanks are filled last. If the tanks are consequently empty, then they will not affect the DM, and empty tanks will not ignite.

Q. Will the range of ammunitions available for turrets be expanded? For example, a set of rounds like "Incendiary", "Tracer" and "Armour piercing".

Only if necessary. At the moment we have a good setup for rounds which include almost all types of shells, except perhaps some options that are really not needed for turrets.

Q. In Britain, the Mustang Mk.IA and the Spitfire series had suspended rockets. Also on the P-47 and P-51A, there was a possibility of installing a "bazooka" and external Hispano cannons. Are there any options for such external additional weaponry?

The expansion of options for suspended armaments are in our plans and will be coming to fruition - not only for the aircraft listed above.

Q. Will there be an opportunity to see the Junkers EF-131 (140) in game? Roughly speaking, the same Ju 287V2/V3, which the Germans never finished during WWII, but completed after its end, came under the control of the USSR. It was quite an exotic vehicle with swept wings, 6 Jumo engines and 4 tons of load at speeds over 800 km/h. The aircraft even passed initial tests, though not without some faults.

There are no plans for the Junkers EF-131 (140) in any upcoming updates.

Q. Are there any plans for AG-2 - air grenades for aircraft defense?

At the moment there are no plans, but there are other interesting plans for pilots :)

Q. Will Breda-SAFAT bullets, with pentrites, be implemented?

They are already included as IAI rounds.

You can ask your question to the developers on our official forum in the "Questions to the Team" section.

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