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Another round of questions and answers, with War Thunder producer Vyacheslav Bulannikov!

Q. What is the progress of the work around helicopters?

We still continue with the tests. Moreover we have found a minimum of 2 suitable vehicles for each nation (in some cases up to 4 vehicles) including Italy and France which can fit into our project.

Q. What about the IS-7?

Perhaps it will appear and if it does it could happen this year.

Q. Is it true that there are some plans to remove the Panther II and King Tiger 10.5cm ?

Such plans have been considered for a long time, but there are no final decisions made about them. The fact is that these vehicles were included in the early stages of the game and it was necessary during this time. But there are a lot of complaints about the “realistic” components. And now we have some other vehicles to replace them. In any case if we do decide to remove them they will simply be hidden on the research tree but will remain for players who already own them.

Q.What changes will be done on Abrams and how will we deal with it in the Т-64?

There will be a finalization of the "spall liner" (inside the vehicle). For example if it will be penetrated by a shot, this will not help and save the crew from a fire. Also it will not be possible to extinguish ammunition until it burns itself out so the entire stored area of ammunition will be destroyed so any usable ammunition will come from the hull. At the time of the ammunition fire, the turret needs to be rotated away from the engine (as in reality) to preserve the powerplant and transmission until the ammunition fire has completely gone out. In addition the T-64B will receive a researchable modification to the T-64BV.

Q. What was your impression regarding the April Fools' submarines?

In general everything was fine, although after a while i think some moments could be improved. But considering that this event made in the shortest time it was a success. And statistics show that it was played by more players than last years event.

Q. Can you tell us something about the nearest plans?

We are working on the new major update which hopefully should be completed in May. I can tell you that a new modification of the T-62 is planned.

Q. Any new information about fleet? Someone mentioned anti ship missiles.

I don’t want to say anything new at the moment - the tests continue. We hope that it will be possible to make fleet testing on regular basis with additional research. It is to early for now to speak about anti-ship missiles, there are many difficulties like minimum range, the features of shooting beyond the horizon and ways to counter them.

Q. What do you think about the opinion of the players about the excessive efficiency and imbalance of the P-47 series and "imbalance" to their closest rivals?

Recently, the "Thunderbolts" received a higher BR. There has been little time to evaluate the result right now and we need to look further at the statistics and check everything. At the moment we are discussing a possible option involving starting from the airfield.

Q. Regarding the BRs of the T-55 and Leopard A1A1. The Т-55 doesn’t have any special advantages but the BR is significantly different.

There is no solution for this vehicle at the moment. According to statistics the tank has average performance. In addition there will always be some difference in capabilities and vehicle BR because different vehicles are made for different tasks and situations.

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