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“If you’re going to win, then win in a vehicle with style” - anon.

While we may not be acquainted with this “anon” fellow, we certainly hold the same opinion! And so, we would like to present you with a selection of the most beautiful camouflages, useful sights grids, and exciting missions that can be found on War Thunder LIVE. Everything is as the wise “anon” bestowed.

As we share these interesting missions, you should bear in mind that custom battles can easily be created to host these missions which your friends can then join! War Thunder players who have purchased any item over $10 from the in-game shop will automatically gain access to run multiplayer missions in custom battles. These missions will be marked “MP” on War Thunder LIVE, and instructions on how to launch them can be found under the download button.

We welcome newcomers; don’t be shy! Be proud of your creations, and share them on War Thunder LIVE!


Have you already familiarised yourself with the new mechanics which allow the replacing of standard sight grids? Have you given it a go? Customisation may prove more than just aesthetically pleasing: it can also be extremely useful and convenient.

User-made sighting reticles on War Thunder Wiki

Sights for recently added French vehicles are already in the making, but we haven’t forgotten about other unique vehicles as well, for example, the Sherman Calliope. In fact, we already use it!


Author: Schindibee

For: AMX-13 T75



Author: donTomasso

For: ZSU-23-4 "Shilka"




For: Sherman Calliope


Read how to install custom sight on your vehicle in the Wiki article.

Take a look at all the sights on War Thunder LIVE


Airfield attack | aizenns

The offensive of the Soviet army on an unnamed section of the front was so rapid that the Germans didn’t have time to evacuate their aircraft from their front-line airfield. Perhaps it’s time to use that as an advantage! Break through the German defences and destroy a dozen (12) Luftwaffe aircraft.

Download mission

Did you like it? Check the mission section on LIVE! 


We remind you: in War Thunder, you can now create camouflages for ground vehicles with a fixed layer. This allows tankers to not only impose a mask on their tank, but also to place decals on fixed parts.

Custom camouflage

The examples we’ve picked are certainly worthy. Go on, have a go at creating your own, or take these, and thank the creators!

And the most pleasant thing is, if you put your mind to it, camouflage creation isn’t so hard!

New camouflages on War Thunder LIVE

Try out new mechanics, create your own works, and share them with your fellow War Thunder players. Even wartime military vehicles can prove to be beautiful specimens.

The War Thunder Team

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