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Update 1.75 'La Résistance' released! (Survey added!)
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Update 1.75 «La Résistance!»

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French Ground forces

French ground vehicles have been added in this update and we begin the closed test of these unusual machines. You can get access to the test by completing several easy in-game tasks or by purchasing early access packs and be the first to test French armour!

B1ter Pack
In this bundle:
  • B1ter tank (Rank 2 France);
  • Premium account for 7 days;
  • 1000 Golden Eagles;
  • French tanks closed beta access.
M4A1 FL10 Pack
In this bundle:
  • M4A1 FL10 tank (Rank 3 France);
  • Premium account for 7 days;
  • 1000 Golden Eagles;
  • French tanks closed beta access.
AMX-13 SS.11 Pack
In this bundle:
  • AMX-13 SS.11 tank (Rank 4 France);
  • Premium account for 7 days;
  • 1000 Golden Eagles;
  • French tanks closed beta access.


This time War Thunder has also introduced more than a dozen new aircraft such as the Soviet Yak-2,  the Yak-4 or the French MS.406C1, as well as the post war F3D1 Skyknight naval fighter or the top-rank Japanese F-86F-40 jet.

Yak-2 KABB

New Locations

A new location for combined battles known as "Maginot Line" has also been added in this update - A famous French defense line full of bunkers and fortifications.

The other map "Middle East" will be familiar to our players - it was already introduced during the april’s fool event this year, it has been reworked and optimized and now our players will have an opportunity to battle among the city ruins and an oil factory situated in the hot sands of the Middle East.

«Линия Мажино»
«Maginot Line»
«Middle East»
«Middle East»

Other improvements


Automatic camo choice option has been added. The camo will be chosen depending on the location (urban, desert, winter etc.) If the vehicle dosen't have suitable camo then standard camouflage will be chosen.

Game mechanics

New opportunities for light vehicles

  • "Active scouting". In order to scout the environment in Arcade mode just select a target and push the “Scout” button (may be bound in the settings). After that an enemy marker will become visible for all your teammates for 30 seconds. In Realistic mode you will have to use binoculars or sight (sniper) view.  Once in this view put your crosshairs on an enemy vehicle and press the “Scout” button. After that a marker will appear over the enemy vehicle and will be updated for 30 seconds.
  •  If you are playing a heavy tank for example - select the “Repairing!” short message - any allies who are driving light vehicles may assist you even if they are not members of your squad.

Additional modifications for light vehicles II-VI rank:

  • Airstrike - in Arcade this will permit the scout to join any air battle started by your teammates. This will not be limited to a fighter - you will be able to use an attacker or a bomber even though your team has already begun the battle. Your opponent will have an opportunity to add an additional fighter though. In Realistic mode this modification will additionally reduce SP requirements to use aircraft in combined battles
  • Improved optical sights will increase the spotting distance by 30% in all modes.

Of course, there is much more - download the update and check it out!

Check the full list of changes

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