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Update 1.71 'New E.R.A' released!
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War Thunder presents

Update 1.71 "New E.R.A."

Update 1.71 “New Era” is here! The content update opens a new Rank VI for modern ground vehicles, adds almost three dozen of new tanks and aircraft, introduces new locations, and several gameplay features including the ability to control gunner positions on aircraft in first person. The new Rank VI for ground vehicles will feature combat vehicles from the 1960’s to 1970’s and introduce technologies typical for modern-day tank construction.

New vehicles

M60A1 Rise (P)  USA


M50 Ontos USA Chieftain Mk.10 Britain KPz-70 Germany

Hornet Britain BMP-1  USSR Be-6 USSR

Ki-109 Japan T114 BAT  USA XA-38 Grizzly  USA

Waffenträger Germany BTR-152A  USSR Type 5 Ho-Ri Japan

F4U Corsair USA FV102 Striker Britain P-51H Mustang USA

New locations

The Fulda Gap Emperor's Garden

The Fulda Gap, our new location for combined battles, is perfectly suited for rank VI vehicles. This picturesque mountain valley on the border of East Germany and West Germany could have been the epicenter of an unsurvivable Third World War.

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The new map is inspired by the picturesque landscape surrounding Shirakawa village and traditional Japanese architecture in general. Untouched by the horrors of war, players will find themselves battling it the serene Japanese countryside.

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New features

New E.R.A Gunner's view Explosive reactive &
composite armour

New E.R.A. means rank 6 armoured vehicles, reactive and composite armour, new aircraft and locations. Welcome to the new era!

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New camera view  for the defensive turret for more than 50 aircraft with one gunner position. Parallax effect is reduced.

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Composite armour - protection with several layers of different materials. Reactive armour - metal containers with explosives plates.

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...and much more!

Check full list of changes

See you on the battlefield!

The War Thunder Team

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