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We continue to compile the most interesting missions, camouflages, screenshots and in general any content created by our players. This part is dedicated to the creations from June! 


Let’s kick off with a camo roundup - dozens of skins appear every day on LIVE for all kinds of vehicles. Check and choose some. Here are some great examples: 

Monkeyfan250 and STAR WARS F4F-3   Qyz_xz and ASTMN F8F-1B
Moonshot and Matilda Mk II “BLAIRGOWRIE”   WTrunner and ISU-152 “Kirovograd”

And how about our ships already getting some camo schemes?!

U.S.S. Johnston (DD-557) for Fletcher-Class Destroyer | By Sonoda_Kotori


Missions and Locations

And here we see that authors offer some interesting missions too.

In the summer of 1944, Slovaks rebelled against the Nazis and the Czechoslovak government appealed to the Soviets for help. On 31st of August, Soviet marshal Ivan Konev was ordered to prepare plans for an offensive to destroy Nazi forces in Slovakia.

Required vehicles: IS-2 mod. 1944, IS-2 mod. 1943

knyaz_rus | Rebellion is Slovakia (single mission)


It’s not a difficult mission and it is really helpful to improve your torpedo attack skills. You will need a G4M or a B7A to participate.

aizenns | Torpedo attack  (single mission)


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