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Total Domination
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Put your teamplay skills to good use in a new gaming event [Total Domination]!

From July 7th 15:00 GMT until July 10th 07:00 GMT

[Total Domination] in “Advance to the Rhine”, “Berlin” and “Abandoned Factory” locations.

Your goal is to capture all contested points SIMULTANEOUSLY and hold them for just 15 seconds to win the round! The team that wins more rounds per game session will win in the battle.


  • Rounds will be held in the same game session so you don’t need to rejoin the battle.
  • The points may be captured only when none of the enemy team are present in the zone.
  • To win a round you must hold two points simultaneously for 15 seconds.
  • After the end of the current round will see the location of capture points for the next round  and 20-second timer before they will be activated.
  • Before the expiration of the activation timer the points can not be captured.
  • The event features rank III ground vehicles from all nations.
  • Gaming mode is AB or RB game format is 8x8 players.

The War Thunder Team

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