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The Battle of Kursk
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From 14:00 GMT 5th of July until 07:00 GMT 7th of July

Take a part in the event “Battle of Kursk”

ticket2_2aircraft_7078582e6b1ff26ca4c60dAircraft (АB, RB, SB)  ticket2_2tanks_bc6c29bc762859bb11553868eGround vehicles АB, RB, SB
Beginning of the Soviet offensive in the Battle of Kursk Battle of Kursk. Near the Kursk Salient

On the 5th of July 1943, the battle of Kursk began - the biggest tank battle in the history of WWII.

In commemoration of the anniversary of the victory of Soviet troops in the Battle of Kursk, we would like to present to you an event with the same name in which players can take part in the historical confrontation by using historical vehicles which actually participated in the battle.

In addition to the composition of the vehicles that participated in the battle, we have tried to take into consideration many of the nuances including the balance of forces involved in the course of the battle, when creating of the event in game.

Note: Planes flyout are deactivated in Arcade Ground Forces battles.

The War Thunder Team

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