War Thunder on Mac supported by Metal
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The version of our game for Apple computers now supports Metal, which means that battles are going to look even better!​

We are pleased to announce that War Thunder for Apple computers will support Metal in the incoming update, a graphics API that will substantially boost the game's frame rate. Previously, the Mac version of our game client only worked with OpenGL, which restricted the speed at which battles could be displayed and could lower the frame rate in scenes involving a large number of shaders, for example when a player takes an artillery hit. With Metal, dynamic scenes in the Mac client will be displayed much faster, and in some cases, the frame rate will be doubled!

War Thunder will automatically switch to Metal on all Apple computers that support this technology. 

To try the new Metal technology currently, you need to include the following line in the config.blk file in the video section: driver:t="metal".  

List of computers that support Metal
Metal Best Practices Guide

Download War Thunder client for Mac

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