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From 15:00 GMT on 12th of May to 07:00 GMT on 15th of May

The popular 'Floats!' event is available for all players. Have fun!

Use all of your piloting skills - capture and maintain control of special points located on the water’s surface by landing at locations near aircraft-carriers in order to score a victory for your team. A predefined setup will indicate the flying boats and float planes that will be allowed to participate. The team that earns the most points will be victorious.

Participating vehicles are:
PBY-5 "Catalina"
PBY-5a "Catalina"
He 51B-2/H
PBY-5a "Catalina" (USSR)
Catalina Mk. IVa (Britain)
Sunderland Mk. IIIa
Sunderland Mk.V
N1K1 Kyuofu

The War Thunder Team

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