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Seasonal Sizzlers in War Thunder
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2017 is on its way! The entire War Thunder team wishes you a great time and invites you to include your favourite game as part of the fun!


A Tank for free! - According to our well seasoned tradition, we present all players a unique tank. A Type-95 Ha-Go Commander - Japanese light tank,  get it for free with a win in random battles. Gift premium tanks will bring you good luck in the new year!

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Awesome Christmas Discounts - These generous discounts fall like snow on everyone! From the 24th of December until the 6th of January, 2017, there are special discounts on everything you need in the game: vehicles, modules, backups and talismans. Every day a new discount! See the discount calendar and get exactly what you need!

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New Years Marathon with unique vehicles - Every day, perform the tasks of your choice and be rewarded with valuable prizes! Perhaps one of the best Japanese bombers at the lower ranks? The Ki-21 hei. An American LVT ZiS-2 amphibious tank with a super-punchy Soviet gun? Maybe a German Me 262 "Sturmvogel" jet fighter-bomber that can carry rockets and even bombs. Don’t forget the Chinese Type 62 light tank, an incredibly agile and aggressive reconnaissance tier IV tank!

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Discounts of up to 70% on vehicle packs! - It's the Christmas sale in our shop! Up to 70% discount on a huge range of the most popular vehicle packs of different ranks and nations! The promotion is valid only until January 2nd, so hurry up and pick up your mega-pack with a great discount!

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Release of the game and a superb update! - Just released, the War Thunder 1.65 "Way of the Samurai” update which comes with our official game release! Together with our superb community, we have come a very long but exciting and interesting way in the open beta test, thank you all very much! For all players in War Thunder, we have prepared gifts, titles, and 50% discount on premium accounts.

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War Thunder Chronicles -Every day in game, special events will appear reconstructing historical battles with historical vehicle setups. From the defense of Stalingrad, to the war in the Pacific, the landings in Normandy and the African campaign. Your fighting vehicles will play a major role in the dramatic events and campaigns of the Second World War!

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New Year War Bonds! - We couldn't start a New Year without a new set of Warbond rewards! Complete daily Battle Tasks and use your bonds to unlock the British multi-turret A1E1 Independent, the German Neubaufahrzeug and the American Ace Wetmore's P-51D-10 Mustang "Daddy's Girl".

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“Crewman” - Update 1.65 “Way Of The Samurai” has arrived right before the holidays so our tank crews will jump into action! Unlock the complete Japanese Ground Forces research tree - become a “Crewman” by completing daily tasks or purchase vehicle packs that also provide access to the Japanese tank tree. 

Finally, during this festive time, whether you believe in a higher power or not, this time of year is recognised the world over as a time of peace and reconciliation for all. Let us all remember our loved ones, those both with us and those no longer here, our friends and all the others we come across in our life, whether we like it or not we all leave our mark on each other, let us all agree to leave the right kind of mark on our fellows and continue to do so in the future. May you all, our fans and staff alike, have a peaceful Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

All the best, your War Thunder Team

Thank you for your loyalty and happy holidays to everyone! 

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