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 1st day Friday | 23.12.2016

German troops invade the USSR

On the 23rd of June 1941, Kleist's 1st Panzer Group meets resistance from Russian armored units in the Vladimir-Volynsk and Strumilovsk fortified districts. Launch an assault against the advancing armored vehicles and open the way for further attacks on the invaders.

Tank attack

German armoured forces are moving inland. Stop the advancing enemy.

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 2nd day | Saturday | 24.12.2016

Vyazma entrapment

The 46th and 40th Motorized Corps of the 4th Panzer Group, attacking from southerly and easterly directions, begin to approach Vyazma.

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 3rd day Sunday | 25.12.2016

War of the Pacific: Attack on Pearl Harbor

The forces of the USA's Pacific Ocean battleship formations are concentrated at the Pearl Harbor naval base. Japanese aircraft launch an assault against the enemy's airfields and a subsequent attack against the battleships with the aim of destroying them.

War of the Pacific: Battle of Wake Island

The first attack on American troop positions fortified on Wake Island ends in failure. The Japanese launch a strike against defensive positions on the atoll and try to destroy the enemy's artillery positions.

War of the Pacific: Battle of Guam

On 10 December 1941, a Japanese assault force lands to the north of Agana on the island of Guam and quickly breaks the enemy's defenses. Nonetheless, a few groups of defenders continue to mount a resistance.

Beginning of the Battles for Sevastopol

Units of the Soviet 106th, 271st and 276th divisions take up defensive positions on the boundary of the Salhir river, southwest of Dzhankoy.

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 4th day | Monday | 26.12.2016

Battle of Moscow: Beginning of the Rzhev-Vyazma Operation

On 23 January 1942, while launching a counteroffensive, the German ""Center of Gravity"" battle group meets the 39th Infantry Regiment at Solomino north of the Rzhev-Molodoy Trud road. The Soviet troops must launch an attack against the concentration of German troops near the settlement of Solomino and continue their offensive.

Battle of Moscow: Soviet Offensive

Units of Red Army's 39th combined-arms army come upon German defensive lines to the west of Rzhev. The Soviet troops must launch an attack against the defending enemy and continue their offensive in the direction of Sychyovka.

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 5th day Tuesday | 27.12.2016

War of the Pacific: Atoll Assault

American F4F-3 and F2A-3 fighters of the 221st Air Group take off to intercept Japanese bombers. The Japanese must intercept the American fighters and clear the way for an attack aircraft assault against the Midway atoll.

War of the Pacific: Battle of Midway

An attack of 108 bombers from the Kaga, Akagi, Soryu and Hiryu aircraft carriers on 4 June 1942 against airfields on the Midway atoll fails to destroy the American aircraft. The Japanese must launch an attack against the atoll and destroy the enemy aircraft preventing their troops from landing.

Battles at the bend of the Volga

In the Summer of 1942, the German offensive against Stalingrad, which was supported by a large number of armored vehicles, moved towards the Volga river. On August 13th, 1942, a mechanized column of the Wehrmacht attempted to cross the Don near Lipologovsky-Kamensky. The Soviets need to assault the bridgehead of enemy vehicles and prevent the crossing of enemy troops.

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6th day | Wednesday | 28.12.2016

Beginning of the Battle of Stalingrad

Developing the offensive, which began as ""Fall Blau"" on July 17th, 1942, troops of the German Wehrmacht entered the outer approaches to Stalingrad. On July 23rd, 1942, the 16th Panzer and 113th Infantry Divisions attacked the Soviet 33rd Guards Rifle Division, which had taken defensive positions around a farm named ""May 1st"". The attackers are to deliver a heavy blow to the defending Soviet units and to continue the advance towards the centre of Stalingrad.

Stalingrad: Counterattack

Repelling the furious attacks of the German forces trying to capture Stalingrad during the events between July and November 1942, on November 19th the Soviet troops moved from defensive to offensive. By the morning of November 22nd, 1942, Soviet units of the 26th Tank Corps’ 19th Tank Brigade in conjunction with the forces of 157th Tank Brigade reached the outskirts of the Kalach city. The attackers must defeat any German resistance in the area and clear the way for Soviet troops to capture the city.

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7th day | Thursday | 29.12.2016

The Siege of Malta

Strengthening the defense of the island of Malta, Allied forces are still able to resist the attacking Italian and German forces. It is necessary for the Axis war effort to gain air superiority over the island, thus the attacking forces must utilize the full power of the German Luftwaffe and Italian Air Force to defeat the defending British fighters and to bomb any military targets.

Battle of the Caucasus: Mozdok

The advancing 3rd Battalion of 117th Infantry Regiment, a part of the Wehrmacht’s 111th Infantry Division, supported by 23 tanks of 23rd Panzer Division's 201st Armored Regiment, was confronted with fierce Soviet resistance during its march along the road to Mozdok. The attacker must deal a decisive blow against the Soviet tanks and proceed with the attack against Mozdok.

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8th day | Friday | 30.12.2016

Battle of the Caucasus: The road to Grozny

The oil deposits of Grozny have accumulated a large supply of oil. The attackers must defeat the air defenses and bomb the city’s oil refineries to prevent further supply of petroleum to the Red Army.

Battle of the Caucasus: Kuban - Capture Novorossiysk

The Red Army’s 47th Army joined 56th Army and took defensive positions along the front line near the towns of Shapugskaya, Krymskaya, Troickaya, Slavyanskaya and Petrovskaya. Between those two armies, however, a gap has been spotted that is not defended with troops. The attackers must strike at this very weak point between the two Soviet armies and capture the city of Novorossiysk.

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9th day | Saturday | 31.12.2016

Africa: The attack of the British 8th Army

In the defensive battles of El Alamein the German troops under General Rommel suffered heavy casualties. By November 5th, 1942, only about 40 tanks were still operational. Through a concentrated blow against the German defenses, the British tank units must smash the remainders of the German armored vehicles and ensure victory for the Allied forces.

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10th day | Sunday | 01.01.2017

The Pacific War: In the skies over Guadalcanal

Imperial Navy Aviation, located at Rabaul under the command of Sadayoshi Yamada, attacks the US Marine force. Provide cover for the main forces and engage the Japanese aircraft, stopping them from attacking American forces on the island.

The Pacific War: Guadalcanal

On August 7th, 1942, US amphibious forces began landing on the island of Guadalcanal, encountering the resistance of nearly 3,000 Japanese soldiers defending the territory. It is necessary to suppress the Japanese shore batteries and assist landing Marines in resisting the forces of the enemy.

Africa: The attack of the British 8th Army

In the defensive battles of El Alamein the German troops under General Rommel suffered heavy casualties. By November 5th, 1942, only about 40 tanks were still operational. Through a concentrated blow against the German defenses, the British tank units must smash the remainders of the German armored vehicles and ensure victory for the Allied forces.

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11th day | monday | 02.01.2017

Eastern Front: Beginning of the Battle of Voronezh

On January 24th, 1943, Soviet troops attacked the German defenses south-west of the city of Voronezh. The 4th Red Army Tank Corps met stubborn resistance from the enemy. Deal a blow to the German armored vehicles and artillery and break their defensive lines.

Eastern Front: Stalingrad - Operation Uranus

After the defeat of 1st Romanian Armored Division on November 20th, 1942, the Soviet 5th Tank Army units clashed with the forces of 22nd Panzer Division of the Wehrmacht. Deal a blow to the German positions, forcing them to retreat towards the Chir river.


After the defeat of 1st Romanian Armored Division on November 20th, 1942, the Soviet 5th Tank Army units clashed with the forces of 22nd Panzer Division of the Wehrmacht. Deal a blow to the German positions, forcing them to retreat towards the Chir river.

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12th day | Tuesday | 03.01.2017

Africa: Allied Offensive

Units of the 2nd US Corps launched an offensive in the morning of March 17th, 1943, towards Maknasi in the Gulf of Gabes, however they failed to build on this success, meeting fierce resistance from the Italo-German troops backed by tanks and aircraft. Provide support to the advancing troops and destroy any axis armored vehicles.

Africa: Attack on the Mareth Line

Allied forces launched a massive offensive on March 28th, 1943. British 10th Corps managed to bypass the Mareth line via the southwest. Deal a blow to the Italo-German armored troops and destroy them.

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13th day | Wednesday | 04.01.2017

Battle of the Caucasus. Attacks around Myskhako

On April 17th, 1943, the 5th Army Corps of the Wehrmacht launched the offensive against the Soviet bridgehead near the village of Myskhako. German aviation unleashed several groups by 25 bombers on the Soviet troops. Repel the raids of the enemy bombers.

Battle of the Caucasus. Aviation encounters in Krymskaya

On April 29th, 1943, the intensity of the air battles moved to the Cossack village of Krymskaya. The German 1st Air Corps of General G. Korten, together with friendly foreign squadrons of the Third Reich, tried to re-establish air superiority. Attack the German bombers carrying out strikes on the Soviet 56th Army units.

Battle of the Caucasus. Counterattack

ЗAfter winning air superiority, the Red Army launched a counter-offensive on all fronts in the battle of the Caucasus. Units of the Soviet 58th Army are tasked to overcome the defensive line of the enemy and destroy its armor.

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14th day | Thursday | 05.01.2017

Sicily. Strengthening of the Allies’ positions

July 10th, 1943. Allied troops began to land on the island of Sicily. The 6th Italian army under the command of General Alfredo Guzzoni is trying to contain the landing of the Allies. Provide fire support to the landing troops and suppress the enemy defence.

Sicily. Operation Husky

July 14th, 1943. After completing the landing operation, the Allied troops began to seize the island. However, the Italian troops managed to halt the advance of the Americans in the area from Naro to Castrofilippo. Attack the Italian troops and continue advancing deep into the enemy territory.

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15th day | Friday | 06.01.2017

Beginning of the Soviet offensive in the Battle of Kursk

According to intelligence reports, the Soviets have managed to concentrate considerable forces distributed in numerous fortifications in the direction of the Wehrmacht's advance. The Luftwaffe’s 8th Air Corps consisting of 1,100 aircraft has an order to carry out a pre-emptive bomb attack on Red Army positions. A land forces attack is scheduled on July 5th, 1943, right after the bombing mission. Carry out an air strike on the defending Soviet troops.

Battle of Kursk. Near the Kursk Salient

On July 6th, 1943, the Germans have changed the direction of their main strike to Ponyri railway station, moving 170 tanks into the combat supported by air strikes. Defend Ponyri station and counterattack advancing German troops.

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16th day | Saturday | 07.01.2017

Battle of the Korsun–Cherkassy Pocket

On 26th of January 1944, units of the German 14th Tank Division and 57th Infantry Division launch a counterattack against advancing subdivisions of Rotmistrov's 5th Tank Army. On 27th of January 1943, the Germans capitalize on their success by launching a concerted attack using three tank divisions from the south and an infantry group reinforced with tanks from the north, surrounding two Red Army tank corps. You must launch a counterattack against those surrounding the Soviet troops and rescue them.

КBattle of the Korsun–Cherkassy Pocket: Counteroffensive

On 13th of February 1944, tanks of Bäke's heavy regiment and the Wehrmacht's 16th Tank Division advance on the 2nd Tank Army's positions in the region of the Dashukovka and Chesnovka settements. Launch an attack against the advancing German tanks and stop them.

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17th day | Sunday | 08.01.2017

War of the Pacific: Port Moresby

Naval infantry units find themselves under fire from defending Japanese forces. You must launch an attack against their defensive positions.

War of the Pacific: New Guinea. Beginning of Conflict

On 22nd of April 1944, the 163rd Regiment of the US Army's 41st Infantry Division land at Aitape, where they meet resistance from Japanese air and land divisions in insignificant numbers. Put pressure on the pockets of defense and capture the airfield.

Soviet troops deploy on the border of the USSR

Near the city of Kamenets-Podolsky, troops of the 2nd Ukrainian Front under I.S. Konev take up defensive positions against the German 1st Tank Army, blocking its path to the Prut river – the state border between the USSR and Romania. You must destroy the German tanks and break the enemy defenses along their entire length.

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18th day | Monday | 09.01.2017


On 12 June 1944, German troops launch an attack between the Orne and Vire rivers, aimed at cutting off the group of Allied troops deployed there. Repel the tank attack and prevent the troops landing at Normandy from being cut off.

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19th day | Tuesday | 10.01.2017

Operation Bagration: Beginning

On 25 June 1944 at Orsha, the 5th Guards Tank Army under P.A. Rotmistrov meets a staunch resistance from troops of the German 78th Assault Division supported by 50 self-propelled guns. Launch an assault against the defending German troops and destroy the enemy's armored units.

Karelia. Svirsko-Petrozavodsky Operation

On 6 June 1944, the 7th Tank Brigade in collaboration with the 127th Light Infantry Corps attacks Finnish defenses west of the Uoma settlement. Attack the Finnish positions and break through their defenses to escape to Pitkyaranta.

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20th day | Wednesday | 11.01.2017

War of the Pacific: Skies Above Peleliu

On 7 September, over 100 US aircraft advance to attack the Yap and Palau islands. Repel the bombers' assault and destroy them.

War of the Pacific: Battle of Peleliu

On 15 September 1944, US naval infantry from the 1st Division's 1st Regiment prepare to land on ""White Beach"" on the island of Peleliu. You must prevent the invading forces from landing using all the means at your disposal, including Ha-Go tanks.

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21st day | Thursday | 12.01.2017

The Ardennes: Battle of Bastogne

On 18 December 1944, subdivisions of the 5th German Army under the command of Hasso von Manteuffel meet resistance from 28th Division of the 8th US Army Corps under General Middleton on the outskirts of Bastogne. Break through the US troops' defenses and capture the strategically important crossroads.

Battle of Hürtgen Forest

German forces are holding positions near the Hurtgen Forest, using the fortifications of the Siegfrid' Line. Break through the defences and provide a spearhead for the Allied forces.

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22nd day | Friday | 13.01.2017

War of the Pacific: Skies Above Iwo Jima

The 27th Air Squadron under the command of Major-general Rinosuke Itimaru is the last obstacle in your path to air superiority above Iwo Jima. Destroy the enemy aircraft in the sky and on the airfield and continue to mount bombing assaults against the Japanese defensive positions.

War of the Pacific: Battle of Iwo Jima

On 20 February 1945, Japanese troops continue to defend Mount Suribachi. You must provide fire support to the attacking US naval infantry troops.

Battle of Hürtgen Forest

German forces are holding positions near the Hurtgen Forest, using the fortifications of the Siegfrid' Line. Break through the defences and provide a spearhead for the Allied forces.

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23rd da | Saturday | 14.01.2017

Battle of the Ruhr: Liquidating a surrounded force

At the end of March 1945, German units make an attempt to break through the forces surrounding them in the Hamm and Siegen area. Launch an assault against the enemy shock troops and force them to abandon their attempts to break through.

Battle of the Ruhr: Tank Battle

On 15 April 1945, in order to accelerate the destruction of the surrounded force of Germans, US 1st Army troops advance into a corridor where they meet enemy tanks. Destroy the enemy tanks and liquidate the surrounded forces.

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24th day | Sunday | 15.01.2017

Battle of Berlin

On 25 April 1945, the 6th Guards Mechanized Corps of the 4th Guards Tank Army unites with troops of the 47th Army's 328th Division under General Perkhorovich and surrounds Berlin. The well-planned defense of the city causes problems for the Soviet troops. Launch attacks against the fascist troops' defenses and advance toward the center of Berlin

On the Streets of Berlin

On 21 April 1945, German infantry units supported by 6 heavy Tiger tanks from 56th Panzer Corps under General Weidling mounted a counterattack from Neuenhagen in an attempt to shell the Red Army's 111th Tank Regiment out of Hönow. Support Soviet forces and stop the breakthrough by German army.

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