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“Way Of The Samurai”: Crewman (07/02/2017 update)
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Warriors, we will rediscover the military testing grounds once again, this time for Japanese ground vehicles - once update 1.65 is released,
another nation in War Thunder which has been waiting for the opportunity to join the battles on the ground. Tester, it's your time!
(Note - the test will be conducted on the normal play server as usual)​

Two new Japanese ground vehicles are available for research and purchase for all the players:

Type 60 SPRG and Type 61​


The “Shuriken” decal may be earned by completing 7 tasks.
Located in the Decals-Special.

How can I become a tester?

First Method (valid till 24th January)

Get 12 “Shuriken” to gain tester status.
Beginning from the 16th of December, participate in random battles and earn a “Shuriken” for every 5 victories with an activity of at least 80% on vehicles of rank III-V. Tasks will be updated automatically every day at 09:00 GMT. You can earn 1 shuriken per day.

You can follow your progress through your profile -> Achievements -> Japanese Ground Forces CBT.

Second Method

Become the owner of the one of the following bundles with Japanese premium vehicles and get your tester’s access and forum award "Way of the Samurai”! immediately! The test will begin after Update 1.65 is released. 

Chi-ha 12cm advanced pack Advanced pack Heavy Tank №6


This pack includes:

  • Type 97 Chi-Ha 12cm (Rank 2, Japan);
  • 1000 Golden Eagles;
  • 7 days of premium account;
  • Pre-order bonus - “Sakura” 3d decoration



This pack includes:

  • Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf E Tiger (Rank 3, Japan);
  • 1000 Golden Eagles;
  • 7 days of premium account;
  • 9th tank regiment's camouflage;
  • Pre-order bonus - “Samurai Helmet” 3d decoration


Attention! The pre-order bonus 3D decorations 'Sakura' and 'Samurai Helmet' are only available to users that pre-ordered the packs before the release of Update 1.65. Valid on Pc, Linux, Mac.


Closed Forum Section for Ground Force Testers

Questions and Answers (click here to open)

Where will the CBT be held?
On the main server (production). It means that when you are a tester you will get an opportunity to research and purchase all current Japanese ground vehicles and play with all other players.
Will CBT progress be reset?
It is not planned. All vehicles that you research and purchase in CBT will remain, as well as any researched crew skills for the vehicles.
How many tasks will there be?
More than 12, so you can afford to miss a few days but we do recommend that you don’t delay completing them. The tasks will be available throughout the CBT.
When will I receive the premium vehicles and vehicles from early access packs?
With the release of update 1.65 “Way Of The Samurai”, when Japanese ground vehicles are added to the game.
I purchased a pack with Japanese ground vehicles which gave me access to CBT, but didn’t receive my forum award and my forum status is still the same.
The closed forum, forum group and forum award will be granted only when the update is released. Don’t forget to re-login into your account.
Should I complete the tasks before the update is released?
Of course, you should complete them as soon as you can! The update and completion of the tasks are not connected. You can start earning the shurikens straight away and these will count in the total.
You promised to switch on Japan in RB squadron battles again together with the release of the Japanese ground vehicles. When is it planned?
Japan will be added again to squadron battles back when the CBT ends.
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