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Team Deathmatch and Enduring Confrontation
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From 15.00 GMT on December 16th to 07.00 GMT on December 19th

Participate in the '100' Team Deathmatch Event
on the locations "Poland" and "Khalkhin Gol"!

The game mode "Team Deathmatch 100" is back and available in 'Events & Tournaments', labelled 100. This Arcade experience will turn any War Thunder location into a fierce battlefield, only one thing matters in this Team Deathmatch with unlimited respawns: Scoring kills! The first team to achieve the magic number of 100 destroyed enemies wins the day.

Wins in these events will be counted as completed tasks for Tester of Japanese ground forces CBT (Daily limit still applies).

Enjoy, and leave your feedback as always!

From 15.00 GMT on December 16th to 07.00 GMT on December 19th

Additional to the 100 event, for pilots in RB will be available 
Enduring Confrontation on the location “Ruhr”!

Be it in an intense air battle, on a chaotic battlefield, or in turbulent waters, strike down your enemy and use your skill and might to bring victory to your team. Have a great weekend, and good luck!

The War Thunder Team

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