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Still Waters
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Pilots,  we have a new assignment. The enemy has stolen our encoding device and are already preparing to send it back home. If they succeed, it will be a costly disaster. It does not matter by what means or with how many sacrifices it takes, but we have to rectify this mistake. Before our airstrip was captured, I have flown through these mountains and there is a sure way to reach our target. By flying right along the watercourse. 

The enemy is also aware of this route, but doesn’t consider it important. It is also almost impossible to gain any foothold there, so with a bit of luck, we will encounter only their unsuspecting and complacent anti-aircraft crews. It is important to stay away from patrol boats and to destroy the enemy mobile radio station somewhere in that area. The task at hand is a suicidal mission. Take light and fast aircraft. There will be no second shots at this.

Volunteers, step forward. 

From 15:00 GMT on 8th of December to 07:00 GMT on 12th of December

Participate in the multiplayer PvE Event “Still Waters”

Mission task

Infiltrate on the well-guarded enemy airfield by adhering to the riverbed and destroy the transport aircraft with the equipment. For this task, you will be sent in with a squad alongside 3 other players. Victory will be awarded for destroying of the transport aircraft.

Realistic Battles

  • Time of day: night
  • Weather: rain

Simulator Battles

  • Time of day: night
  • Weather: good/haze

  • You may take part in the event if you have at least one vehicle of ranks 2-5.
  • Players receive LaGG-3-66
  • No respawns


Map of the operation

Pilots, listen to useful advice.

Take care about altitude !

Difficult terrain does not allow the enemy to organize a tight defense, but light anti-aircraft guns guard this area. Don’t climb over 40 meters and anti-aircraft guns will not be able to target you.

Avoid guards.

Light reconnaissance ships are patrolling our route, but in the darkness we have the opportunity to slip past. The main consideration is not to approach or get close to them.

Provide for secrecy.

In this area is a mobile enemy radio station. If you are able to destroy it, the enemy will not be able to report our location in case of detection.

This mission has been created by our players who used War Thunder CDK. Join the community of the authors, create your missions and share them on War Thunder Live!

Thanks Alexey aka _Gilard_ ,  Vyacheslav aka Gyts and  Kirill aka Ontt for creating this mission!

The War Thunder Team

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