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Multiplayer Mission Feature in War Thunder!
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Dear Players!

Have you ever wanted to create your own mission  in War Thunder and play it with your friends?
Any player who purchased any War Thunder item that costs at least 10 Dollars or Euros in the Gaijin.Net Store will have an opportunity to do this now. All players will be able to join whether they have spent money in the game or not. 

Find multi-player missions on  War Thunder LIVE, download and launch them. Or create your own using War Thunder CDK, share it with the others and play them together!

How to launch?

  • Find multi-player missions on  War Thunder LIVE or upload a mission you created. 
  • Copy direct link to the mission file using “COPY MISSION URL” button or by right clicking “download” button and choosing “copy link address” 
  • Start the game client and open “Menu” -> Custom battles -> “Create session” then go to the “mission by URL” tab
  • Press “add mission” and paste the link into “ URL” field 
  • Choosing a mission and pressing “Start” you will create a room in the custom battles, where other players may join. The setting are the same as for the other custom battles. 

Examples of user made missions:

Battle for Kursk​ prepared by RideR2 Attack on the Port of Novorossiysk by Ontt
French Depot prepared by HerrFockeWulf British Airshow by Flame2512


[FAQ] Click to unfold.

Question: How many players can join a mission?
Up to 32 players (including AI) - 16 vs.16 at the moment.

Question: What’s the maximum mission duration?
We recommend up to 1 hour maximum.

Question: Can we use AI infantry? 
 No, infantry doesn’t work in multiplayer

Question: How many AI units may take part in a mission? 
 Recommended limit is 100 units, but it’s better to use less so that players with weak machines do not experience problems.

Question: Do these missions bring any income? Do they count in player’s achievements? 
No to both questions.

Question: Is it possible to join the mission after start? 
Yes, if you choose such setting before the start.

Question: Are there any specific requirements for a mission?
At least you should have the spawn points set otherwise you will not be able to start the battle. 

Question: Will we be able to create something like “Victory Hour” mission? 
Yes. the mechanics will be similar but it’s rather complicated. We recommend you to start with PvP missions. 

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