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Graphic improvements
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Our team is constantly and actively working on both graphical improvements and the optimization of the game. Even if players have older systems, unsupported by many modern games, they are still able to play War Thunder, although on minimal settings. 

In an upcoming update we will add several new graphical effects. The first will be the effect of heat haze which will appear while firing the cannon and also a haze that will add to the realism of the operating engine of ground forces. 

The second effect - is the long-awaited contrails from aircraft, which appear as a result of condensing moisture at low air temperatures. Normally, you can see them at high altitudes.

It is important for us for our game to look great with any settings, this is why we have made additional optimizations for older graphic card support and, as a result, we now have the opportunity to not only increase the number of frames per second in this mode, but also to improve its visual rendering. Now Ultra Low graphics mode will look much better than it looked before and it will be rendered without any loss of performance for players, in some cases will even improve on it!

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