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Spitfire F Mk.IX
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We’re continuing to improve our current vehicle models. Today we’ll tell you about some upgrades to the legendary Spitfire F Mk.IX.

The War Thunder studio doesn’t just work on new vehicle models, but also constantly improves already existing vehicles. Today we’ll tell you about an upgrade to the iconic early editions of the Spitfire F Mk.IX fighter. We have brought the fighter into line with real-life samples, and also fully reworked its 3D model – it now has 3.5 times more polygons! But first things first.

The legendary Spitfire F Mk.IX is a long-time resident in War Thunder. But time marches on and our requirements for models become more demanding. We regularly inform you about our work on improving the visuals of our vehicles; this is a significant part of the work of our large team of modelers and artists working on War Thunder. Today we present to you the updated Spitfire F Mk.IX!

This is an entirely new model, or more precisely two models (more about this below). The Spitfire, a favourite amongst players, has noticeably improved – the updated version has almost 3.5 times more polygons than before: more than 68,000 versus the old 19,500. Apart from the increased number of polygons, we’ve also fine-tuned several parts of the aircraft, for example the design of its bomb racks.

There should always be more of a good plane to love, so we decided to add the rarer Spitfire F Mk.IX(b) model to the already existing Spitfire F Mk.IX with its C-type wing. The only difference between them is that the B-type wing has guns that use a drum ammunition feed, providing the guns with 60 shells per barrel rather than the 120 provided by the C-type wing (visually, this difference will be shown in the additional fairings of the drums and the altered fume extractors of the guns. The location of the machine guns on the wing will also change).

On the other hand, the Spitfire F Mk.IX(b) will be equipped with the slightly more powerful Rolls-Royce Merlin 63 engine. This will most likely be either a premium or event vehicle. The machine gun armament will remain identical for both models of the Spitfire F Mk.IX – four Browning rifle-calibre machine guns. The Spitfire F Mk.IX(c) and Spitfire F Mk.IX(b) will be introduced in the next large update to come to War Thunder.

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In a soon-to-come Developer Diary, we’ll tell you about our work on another version of the Mk.IX – the Spitfire LF Mk.IX.

Keep an eye on our news! See you soon!

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