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New additions for the Warbond Shop
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Dear Players!

Did you already unlock the 3rd rank of any nation in War Thunder? Then Battle Tasks are now available to you - personal tasks, completing of which in Random Battles allows you to get the special “War Bonds” currency.

From the beginning of this month, all participants finishing Battle Tasks will get War Bonds for May and can spend it in the War Bonds in-game shop not just for boosters, special decals and different vehicles, but also for new items - 3D decorations!

You can read more about Battle Tasks in War Thunders Devblog.

A bit more about War Bonds in May:

The Bf 109 E-3 - Emil - this particular Messerschmitt was not captured, but two vehicles were purchased by Japan for testing of the new engines. Pilots who miss a reasonably fast aircraft in the Japanese research tree at medium ranks will definitely want to cast their eyes on this machine to expand their lineup of powerful turn fighters. With two 20mm MG-FF cannons and two MG 17 machine guns it is well armed indeed and capable to deal with most opponents with a single and precise burst.

Something new that you will be able to get from this month's Warbonds is the 3D Decoration 'Teddy Bear'. Show your opponents on the battlefield that you are a truly ruthless fighter, capable of taming the Soviet bear! Also, allow your crew some well-deserved rest after battle by providing them with various musical instruments, from guitars to accordions! Naturally, you can also pick from a variety of authentic 3D Decorations to apply to your vehicles, that will help to make your vehicle more exclusive and personal.

The War Thunder Team

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