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All previous tasks "Chronicles of World War II" - in our in-game shop!
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From the 29th of April 15:00 GMT to the 2nd of May 07:00 GMT
all previous tasks for the “Chronicles of WW II” will be available in the in-game shop!

Pilots and tankers!

We have good news for all participants of the Chronicles of WW II.

You may have sought to obtain some of the main event prizes, but you may have also missed that opportunity, being unable to complete some of the tasks. The “Chronicles tasks” may no longer have been available in the in-game shop, right?

To view the amount tasks that remain uncompleted, check by clicking on your  Nickname → Achievements → Chronicles WW II → “Aircraft” and “Tanks”.

Find missed tasks in that list - these tasks can be purchased from the in-game shop and doing so will take you closer to obtaining the prized premium vehicles!

Take care!

  • To achieve a premium vehicle, you need to perform or collect the required number of “Chronicle tasks” of the intended category (aircraft or tanks).
    For example, to receive the MBR-2 you will need to complete or collect 15 “Chronicle tasks” for the aircraft category.

  • By not completing all of the “Chronicle tasks” and only by purchasing them,  you will be able to unlock the  MBR-2 and A34 Comet “Iron Duke” this weekend already. To unlock the KV-2 1940 and Richard Bong’s P-38J (will be added in one of the following updates), you will need to complete or purchase tasks in the following days. Read more about this in the news.

A34 Comet “Iron Duke” KV-2 mod. 1940 MBR-2 Richard Bong's P-38J  
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