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Rapid Fire!

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From 18.00 GMT on February 5th to 07.00 GMT on February 8th

Join the 'Rapid Fire' Arcade-Event!

Fight in this Arcade Battle in AA vehicles and destroy enemies
to call-in air support through mini-events!

You can locate the event in the: 'Events & Tournaments' tab in the game's main menu
Location:[Domination] Easter Europe

The self-propelled anti-aircraft that participated in World War II, were designed for the air defense of military units and strategic targets. In contrast to the stationary versions of anti-aircraft artillery, the AA was mounted on wheels, half-tracked or a fully tracked chassis. During the fighting, it became clear that the deployment of anti-aircraft guns on an open road chassis, deprived of the defenses, led to their rapid destruction. From that point on, armoured AA based series of tanks and self-propelled guns were developed.

In War Thunder there is a wide range of self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery giving the opportunity to protect an armoured column and stationary ground targets from attack fighters and bombers. The game uses different types of AA: from prototypes to production vehicles. This greatly increases the informative part of the game, allowing players in War Thunder to encounter various models of military equipment from the participating countries of the Second World War.

A distinctive feature of the AA from those times is their scarcity, which indicates that the issues of air defense were assigned mainly to fixed or towed anti-aircraft guns (and is also a reason why we decided to introduce prototype AA vehicles). Because of the high losses in armoured vehicles and motor vehicles mass production of specialized equipment was a luxury.

Now the line-up of self-propelled anti-aircraft was enriched with British AA.


Built on the base of an American armoured car, the T17. This is a vehicle with excellent mobility - it is capable of reaching over 55 mph (88 kph) whilst driving on the road! This armoured car may become the fastest armoured vehicle in War Thunder. The T17E2 is armed with 2 coaxial Browning M2 .50 calibre heavy machine guns mounted on a rotating turret. This machine is the first British SPAA and the first armoured car introduced in War Thunder. Read more.

Armoured Car Mk.II AA

Another anti-aircraft armoured car in the British tree, unlike its predecessor, the T17E2, the A.E.C is of pure British design, created by the company of the same name back in 1941. By the way this company also produced the famous London double-decker buses. The Mk II AA Armoured Car has twin 20mm Oerlikon guns - a single hit with this weapon is usually enough to destroy almost every aircraft at its rank. Moreover these guns may prove dangerous against ground vehicles as well, so don’t miss out on an opportunity to make a few holes in an enemy light tank. Read more.

Crusader AA Mk.II

This self-propelled anti-air gun was designed based on the British Crusader cruiser tank. The tank’s turret has a small cut-out which is sufficient to provide the crew with excellent 360 degree vision. At the same time the tank is small, which gives its crew good protection against machine gun fire or fire from aircraft frontal guns. The turret houses two 20 mm Oerlikon cannons. This tank has moderate armour and is fairly survivable. This doesn’t mean that you can rush ahead of the rest of your team and collect scars from the cannons of enemy tanks though. In terms of effectiveness in battle with the enemy, this anti-air gun can be compared with its German equivalent: the Wirbelwind, but the design of the British vehicle is even more interesting. Read more.

The War Thunder Team

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