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Dear players!

We are finishing our series of “WW2 Chronicles” and this time you will be able to to compete for one of the ‘Weapons of Victory’ vehicles - a premium Self-Propelled gun - SU-76M of 5th Guards Cossack Cavalry Corps. This is the first special in the series of events planned for Victory in Europe Day celebrations. Other specials will be announced shortly.

Complete the tasks and get “The Tankers Trophy” for each completed stage, with the chance of winning random wagers, boosters, a backup vehicle for USSR. armoured vehicles and a SU-76M of 5th Guards Cossack Cavalry Corp from our “Weapons of VIctory” series.

Tasks for this event are not linked to WWII chronicles directly and may be completed in any random battle at any difficulty mode (except Tournaments) for any nation. This special is part of a series of events dedicated to the vehicles of the Allies from different theatres of operation during WW2.

From 15:00 GMT 5th of may to 04:00 GMT 12th of May

WW2 Chronicles: USSR tanker

Complete the tasks by controlling ground vehicles rank II-V of any nation and get "The Tankers Trophy" for each 50 enemy ground vehicle destroyed.

Content of the “The Tanker's Trophy”

You gain one of the following items after completion of each stage:

  • Random wager
  • 10-40% Random Silver Lions booster (10 battles)
  • 10-40% Random Research Points booster (10 battles)
  • 10000-120000 Silver Lions
  • USSR back-up vehicles
  • SU-76M of 5th Guards Cossack Cavalry Corps

You can track your event achievements by selecting Profile/Achievements/ WWII Chronicles: USSR Tanker

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