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War Thunder Conflicts Series: WW2 Chronicles
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War Thunder launches a series of our “WW2 Chronicles” events, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in Europe Day. The events will cover the period from the invasion of Poland by German troops on the 1st of September, 1939, and the series will develop through all theatres of World War 2, until the final triumph of Allied troops in Berlin in May, 1945.

Every day several different missions will be available in AB, RB and SB game modes, and you will be able to participate with both aircraft and ground vehicles. You can find the events in the “Events & Tournaments” section in the tab “WW2 Chronicles”.

The Chronicles events will be accompanied by various specials that will give players the opportunity to receive all kinds of trophies and premium vehicles. As the events unfold, the announcements of upcoming battles will be placed on the calendar of "WW2 Chronicles."

Gain victories in “WW2 Chronicles” missions and receive the “Victor’s Trophy” with a chance to get a premium vehicle every time you reach 15 victories. If you reach 225 victories you will be guaranteed to receive a premium vehicle, unique title and decal.  

You can check your progress
to the next trophy by navigating
to your profile, then to ‘Achievements’
and finally ‘Chronicles WW2’.


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