Server Update 13.06.2019
A bug where Research Points were not accrued during a battle if the vehicle a player had a difference of 6 ranks, has been fixed.; A bug on the Map [Encounter] “Fuego islands” to not end after the mission task “delete enemy fleet on the capture point” was completed has been fixed.
13 June 2019
Server Update 12.06.2019
Mission points, which players receive for active actions in Combined Battles while flying aircraft now correspond to the earnings whilst playing ground or fleet vehicles depending on the selected game mode.; The ability to exchange World War mode prize coupons for coupons of the previous place has been added.
12 June 2019
Server Update 11.06.2019
Numerous bug fixes for navy and ground forces.
11 June 2019
Server update 10.06.2019
Sea Hawk (all modifications) — RP-3 AP Mk.I missiles have been removed as a modification. Compensation for those who had purchased this modification will be provided.; The view mode for the AN/APS-21 radar station, which will be used on the F3D, Javelin and T-2, has been improved in accordance with historical values. Now, when flying at low altitudes, it is possible to detect targets operating at fighter levels and above.
10 June 2019
Update 07.06.2019 (
A bug experienced by some players, where there was a lag when switching between daily tasks, has been fixed.
7 June 2019
Update 05.06.2019 (
Me 264 – A bug that caused unstable engine operation at altitudes above 6,000 metres has been fixed.; La-9 — The operation of the automatic cooling system has been corrected. Now the automated operation keeps the radiator flaps in the closed position for longer in WEP mode. (...)
6 June 2019
Economy changes (04.06.2019)
Various economy related bugs, which caused Silver Lion and Research Point costs for new vehicles from update 1.89 “Imperial Navy” to be incorrect, have been fixed.
4 June 2019
Update 31.05.2019 (
Naval battles & performance degradation fix.
31 May 2019
Update 30.05.19 (
A bug which caused the “Research” and “Boost Research” buttons not to work for some players in the research menu has been fixed; interface fix.
30 May 2019
Economy Update 29.05.2019
Some bugs in the economy which caused costs in Silver Lions and Research Points of the new vehicles from update 1.89 “Imperial Navy” and other vehicles being incorrect have been fixed.
29 May 2019


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