Server Update (18.09.2019)
For aircraft of rank 7.7 and higher, possible battle scenarios of Axis against Axis or Allies against Allies in RB, have been replaced by scenarios of all against all. This will allow us to get statistics on the efficiency on the aircraft of top ranks for the possibility of adjusting new options and scenarios between rivals of different countries.
18 September 2019
Update 17.09.2019 (
Numerous sound bug fixes.
17 September 2019
Update 13.09.2019 (
A bug where the depth charges on the No.13 Type, 1944, Sumner (DD-692) were displayed incorrectly has been fixed.Hawk III - A visual bug where the propeller was always displayed as damaged has been fixed. (...)
13 September 2019
Server Update (12.09.2019)
Battle (D14) - The 114 mm stern cannon has now been included into the main calibre group; HMS Southampton - The position of the smoke screen modification has been changed in the modifications window...
12 September 2019
Update 10.09.2019 (
A bug, which could cause a short performance drop in certain circumstances, has been fixed.
10 September 2019
Update 06.09.2019 (
Type 60 — Vertical aiming with the sniper sight has been fixed.; A bug where SRAAM missiles wouldn’t track targets has been fixed.
6 September 2019
Update 05.09.2019 (
Sight shaking, which was caused by changing the position of the suspension, has been fixed. A bug where, on the multiple monitor system, the interface elements were incorrectly placed, has been fixed. A bug in test flights, where a selected ammunition belt wouldn’t be applied if all modifications of the vehicle had been researched, has been fixed. (...)
5 September 2019
Update 27.08.2019 (
A bug related to the Fast Attack Craft Typ-Klasse 143 (Albatros) where artifacts would visually block it while in the hangar and in battle, has been fixed.
27 August 2019
Update 26.08.2019 (
A bug where a road wheel could pass through the tracks on some ground vehicles when ground clearance reduced has been fixed.(...)
26 August 2019
Server Update 15.08.2019
For console users in the Workshop, the ability to exchange vehicles with Trophy “Vehicles” III has been added. A bug where the "Benchmark" button in the main menu was not displayed has been fixed.
15 August 2019


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