Server Update 15.07.2020
Aircraft model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes.
15 July 2020
Server update 11.07.20 (World War)
Fixes for World War Mode
11 July 2020
Server Update 09.07.2020
Various bug fixes
9 July 2020
Server update 08.07.20 (World War)
Fix for World War Mode
8 July 2020
Server update 03.07.20 (World War)
Changes in World War Mode
3 July 2020
Update 02.07.2020 (
A bug where some parts of a destroyed/burnt tank might have appeared undamaged has been fixed.(...)
2 July 2020
Update 30.06.2020 ( PS4 and Xbox)
A bug was fixed that caused warning message about Radial Menu axes not being defined when using “Mouse and Keyboard” presets on XBox and PS4.
30 June 2020
Update - BR & Economy Update
Changes in Battle Ratings and Economy.
29 June 2020
Server Update 26.06.2020
A bug where shells fired from machine guns and cannon weapons mounted on helicopters might fly through buildings and their surroundings has been fixed.
26 June 2020
Update 25.06.2020 (
Various bug fixes
25 June 2020


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