9 February 2018 Update 09.02.2018 (

A bug where the battle activity score was occasionally not being displayed whilst being located near the enemy has been fixed; A bug where sound could be occasionally disabled if a player has spent considerable time in the game has been fixed (...)

7 February 2018 Update 07.02.2018 (

A bug related to the display of the T-34-85’s cannon in aircraft battles has been fixed; A bug where, at the low speeds, aircraft wouldn’t be destroyed by colliding with trees, has been fixed (...)

1 February 2018 Update 01.02.2018 (

Client stability has been improved.

31 January 2018 Server Update 31.01.2018

NVIDIA GeForce Experience ShadowPlay Highlights technology, which enables automatic recording of your best play moments should you desire, has been activated.

30 January 2018 Update 30.01.2018 (

A bug that caused a reset of the capture point being taken if a player crashed in an aircraft in Arcade ground forces battles has been fixed.(...)

18 January 2018 Update 18.01.2018 (

A bug, which would allow objects to pass through vehicles, has been fixed (...)

17 January 2018 Update 17.01.2018 (

A bug which would occur when using particular module combinations on the Fw 190D-9, where the aircraft’s performance characteristics (max speed) would fall/deteriorate, has been fixed (...)

10 January 2018 Update 10.01.2018 (

A bug where after crew replenishment, weapons would start to reload, has been fixed;A bug where kill assist wouldn't be counted correctly has been fixed. (...)

26 December 2017 Server Update 26.12.2017

Fw190 flight model fix, map fix.

19 December 2017 Major Update 1.75 "La Résistance" - changelog

We have added French ground vehicles, over a dozen new aircraft, new locations, reconnaissance and support mechanics for light vehicles and automatic camo change.