Server update 28.06.2018
Naval battle CBT fixes: 20mm Vierling and 76-152mm cannon sounds have been fixed. (...)
28 June 2018
Server update 27.06.2018
The possibility of exchanging hat coupons in the Workshop for PC players has been disabled and will remain only for PS4 users.(...)
27 June 2018
Update 26.06.2018 (
F4U-7 — Air targets belt added. Multi-engined aircraft updated DM: damage of low-calibre auto-cannons against wings has been updated.(...)
26 June 2018
Update 25.06.2018 (
A bug, where the zoom settings from the first person view were not saved when switching to the statistics/map and back, has been fixed.
25 June 2018
Server update 22.06.2018
Inconsistencies in the weapon naming has been fixed; Traverse speed of the MG and autocannon turrets has been increased (...).
22 June 2018
Server update 21.06.2018
Vessel repair costs have been re-calculated.
21 June 2018
Update 21.06.2018 (
A bug where tank gun accuracy remained degraded after the gun was repaired has been fixed.
21 June 2018
Update 20.06.2018 (
A bug related to the flying of aircraft in ground battles, where aircraft guns would be in an overheated state when spawning, has been fixed.(...)
20 June 2018
Server update 19.06.2018
Opening of Naval battle CBT.; Economy: after destroying an enemy vehicle, if the BR difference between an attacking vehicle and its target is more than 1.7 BR, the attacker’s reward in SL will be reduced proportionally to the BR difference. This only applies if the attacker is of higher BR.
19 June 2018
Server update 18.06.2018
T32 - The order of ammunition use has been specified.; XM-803 - A bug with very quick replenishment of the reloading mechanism has been fixed. (...)
19 June 2018


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