World War scenario: Battle for the Fulda Gap

Commanders, we are preparing for the new season of World War mode, dedicated to the Cold War period and Arab-Israeli conflicts. This intelligence data on one of the new scenarios will help you to make your squadron and its vehicles ready for the upcoming battles. The operation begins in July!

Squadron vehicles: BMP-2M "Berezhok"

A deep modernization of the Soviet “veteran”, aimed at increasing the firepower for the combat vehicle. Meet the new squadron vehicle - the BMP-2M Berezhok with new ATGM’s, that can be launched two at a time.

USS Cleveland: The Workhorse of the Navy

USS Cleveland is an American WWII light cruiser and the lead ship of the most numerous class of light cruisers ever built. Coming soon to War Thunder naval forces, Captains will have the chance to take command of a truly legendary and no less fearsome American warship in upcoming update Starfighters!

Su-7B: new doctrine

The Su-7B was developed as a new type of ground support aircraft, a fighter-bomber. We introduce a new strike aircraft for the USSR, the first jet vehicle in the glorious Sukhoi attack aircraft family!

Type 93: Breaking Barriers and Airframes

The Type 93 is a Japanese 1990’s wheeled SAM vehicle, developed for the JGSDF as a modern replacement for conventional gunned SPAA units. Coming soon to War Thunder with update Starfighter, the Type 93 will reinforce the top ranks of the Japanese ground tree and provide lethal anti-air cover for its allies on the ground!

9P157-2 Khrizantema: why not both?

This tank destroyer is mounted on a BMP-3 chassis, equipped with a radar, thermal imaging and extremely powerful missiles and capable of simultaneously firing two ATGM’s at two different targets!

Tone: Bow Towards Enemy

Tone is the lead ship of a class of two heavy cruisers, also being among the last cruiser vessels to be completed for the IJN. Soon in the next War Thunder major update!

F-104 Starfighter: The Manned Missile

The F-104 Starfighter is a well-known American supersonic jet fighter, developed at the start of the Cold War by the Lockheed company. Soon, pilots in War Thunder will have the chance to fly this truly iconic and unique aircraft as it arrives at the top rank of several nations with the release of the incoming major update "Starfighters"!

Attilio Regolo - The Upsized Destroyer

A late war Italian light cruiser, featuring destroyer-calibre weapons and exceptional mobility, though lacking armor - soon in War Thunder!

Scimitar F.1: The Twin Engine Beast

The Scimitar is a late 1950’s subsonic twin engine naval jet strike fighter, developed by the renowned British Supermarine aircraft manufacturer. Soon, pilots in War Thunder will have the chance to take control of the Scimitar F.1, joining the ranks of the British aviation tree in the upcoming major update

Type 69-IIG: Asian Armadillo

The Type 69-IIG will become the new top Chinese premium ground vehicle, awaiting eager new commanders in the upcoming War Thunder update!

  • 16 May 2020
Mirage IIIC: An Illusive Figure

The Mirage IIIC is the first production version of one of the most famous French jet fighter families of the Cold War. Representing the bleeding edge of aviation technology at the time, the highly anticipated Mirage IIIC is finally arriving in War Thunder with the major update, becoming the new crowning jewel of the French aviation tree!

Italian Fleet: Early Access Packs

We present two premium packs for early access to the closed beta-test of the Italian navy! Meet a cannon-welding hydrofoil patrol boat, the P 420 Sparviero, and the destroyer Geniere (1942), early Soldati class.

New location “Campania”: re-visited “Italy”

We have thoroughly remade the location “Italy” and would like to show you the updated map “Campania” for mixed battles.

F3H-2 Demon: Linking Eras

The F3H Demon is an early Cold War-era American naval fighter aircraft, developed by the McDonnell Aircraft Corporation as the successor to the F2H Banshee. Arriving to the game as a new American jet fighter, the F3H Demon will be one of the many new additions awaiting seasoned War Thunder pilots in the upcoming major update!

Trento: Playing by the Book

An early 1920’s Italian cruiser design, boasting excellent firepower and mobility at the expense of protection and survivability, soon in War Thunder with the upcoming major update!

Unguided Brits!

We’re pleased to introduce new cool mounted weapons for British aircraft. Mighty rockets suitable for both sinking ships and blowing up tanks!

HSTV-L: View of Tomorrow

The HSTV-L, standing for High Survivability Test Vehicle Lightweight, is an American experimental tank, developed and built in the late 1970’s for the purpose of testing new concepts in tank design. The futuristic-looking HSTV-L will soon make its way onto the battlefields of War Thunder, arriving in the game with the upcoming major update!


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