ZTZ96A: Can take a punch!

The ZTZ96A is a further development of the Chinese ZTZ96 MBT, which made its first public appearance in the late 2000’s. Also coming as one of many new interesting additions with update 1.97, the ZTZ96A will offer Chinese tank commanders in War Thunder a more advanced version of their existing top tier MBT!

HMS London: Anticipated Calibre

HMS London is a heavy cruiser of the British County-class, second group, designed and built in the interwar years around the restrictions imposed by the Washington Naval Treaty. Captains may look forward to the arrival of HMS London as the first 8’’ gun-armed British cruiser to make its way to War Thunder as part of the upcoming update 1.97 “Viking Fury”!

Saab J35D Draken - The Supersonic Kite

The J35D - a Swedish double delta wing jet fighter of the late 1950s, featuring excellent maneuverability and a powerful engine, allowing it to reach supersonic speeds.

L-62 ANTI II: Finnish Choice

The L-62 ANTI II is a Swedish SPAA design, developed in the early 1930’s by the AB Landsverk company based on their L-60 light tank. It will be one of many interesting units awaiting tankers in the Swedish ground forces tree, coming to War Thunder as part of update 1.97!

New location “Denmark”

We present to you “Denmark”, a new location for aircraft battles in War Thunder. it will be added to the rotation of maps for aircraft battles with the release of update “´1.97 “Viking Fury”!

CV 90105 TML with Pre-Order Bonuses

The CV 90105 TML is an experimental light tank, developed in the mid 1990s as part of a joint venture between the Swedish Hägglunds and French GIAT companies. Arriving as part of the Swedish ground forces tree with War Thunder update 1.97 ‘Viking Fury’, tankers can look forward to commanding this unique piece of Swedish ground tech!

T-72B: Necessary Improvements

A new Soviet top rank tank with good frontal protection and guided munitions will burst into high rank battles with the release of the War Thunder update 1.97 “Viking Fury”!

Lightning F.6: Saddled to a Skyrocket!

The English Electric Lightning is a British supersonic Cold War jet fighter and remains to date one of the few British domestically built aircraft, capable of reaching Mach 2. War Thunder pilots may look forward to the arrival of the long awaited and much anticipated Lightning, coming soon to the game with update 1.97!

Kamov Ka-29: Nimble Fatboy

The Ka-29 is an assault transport variant of the Soviet Ka-27 anti-submarine warfare helicopter, coming to War Thunder as part of the upcoming update 1.97.

New location “Sweden”

We present to you a new location for combined battles - “Sweden”! It will appear in the game with the release of the update 1.97 "Viking Fury".

Sverdlov class: the Tzar of the Seas

The Sverdlov light cruiser will be one of the top ships in the Soviet naval tech tree in War Thunder update 1.97 "Viking Fury".

Pvkv II: Glass Cannon

The Pvkv II is an experimental tank destroyer, coming to the game as part of the new Swedish ground forces tree in the War Thunder’s upcoming update 1.97!

AMX-32: Further Improvements

The AMX-32 is an improved variant of the AMX-30 main battle tank, and will soon reinforce the French top ranks in the upcoming update 1.97!

Rooikat 105: The Cat With Bigger Claws

The Rooikat 105 is a further development of the South African Rooikat armored fighting vehicle, developed in the mid 1990s with the intention of upgunning the design’s base model. Soon, War Thunder tankers will have the chance to add this South African gem to their in-game collection, following its arrival with update 1.97!

Ikv 103: HEAT mortar

The Ikv 103 self-propelled artillery unit will replace the Swedish SPGs of the Second World War period in the game. It will become one of the main vehicles for battles at low rank

Douglas A-4B Skyhawk: A Story of Simplicity

The Douglas A-4 Skyhawk is an American jet attack aircraft, coming to War Thunder as part of the upcoming update 1.97!

Lago I: The Medium From the North

The Lago I was an early 1940’s medium tank, developed by the AB Landsverk company and represents the first true Swedish medium tank to be constructed. Soon, tankers in War Thunder will have the chance to take out the Lago I into battle!

Stormartillerivagn m/43

Sav m/43 ground vehicles will be the most common Swedish SPG’s in starting-rank battles. Let’s talk about them in more detail.


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