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Leclerc AZUR: Action In Urban Areas

A special version of the already well-known Leclerc MBT! The AZUR variant is fitted for urban combat environments, and will be coming to the French ground forces tree at the end of the Leclerc MBT line in the Sons of Attila major update!

Leclerc AZUR, MBT, France, rank VII


  • ERA protection on the hull sides.
  • Shaped charge protection around the engine compartment.
  • Roof-mounted 7.62 machine gun.

In 2004, the French Army’s Technical Department developed the AZUR (an acronym for Action en Zone Urbaine) modernization kit for Leclerc main battle tanks. This new kit includes ERA protection for the sides of the hull, cage armor around the engine compartment, a remote-controlled 7.62 machine gun on the turret roof, a mast with a panoramic surveillance device, as well as other improvements. The first tank modernized under this program was first shown at the Eurosatory Exhibition in June 2006, and in 2011, the UAE’s Armed Forces placed an order for AZUR kits for their own Tropicalisée Leclerc tanks.


In the upcoming “Sons of Atilla” major update, the imposing Leclerc AZUR tank will be at the top of the MBT line in the French ground research tree. What does this vehicle have to offer? Just like the recently announced Leopard 2 PSO for Germany, the AZUR was developed specifically for urban combat. Let’s dive into the details!

Urban combat involves close-range engagements with the use of anti-tank missiles that are used by infantry. Therefore, tanks that fight in these areas must have adequate protection from enemy infantry at close ranges as well as good visibility in tight areas. Based on these requirements, the AZUR kit for the Leclerc was developed. Comparing it to the S2 version that you may already be familiar with, the Leclerc AZUR receives additional protection on the side of the hull in the form of ERA blocks, and cage armor to protect the rear mounted engine from shaped charge ammunition. In addition to that, there is a handy little 7.62 mm remote-controlled machine gun on the roof turret!

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The addition of this extra protection means that you’ll have an increase in defense against shaped charged rounds, such as HEAT-FS. Aside from that, the Leclerc AZUR still retains its powerful main advantages — good protection at the front and sides of the turret, good mobility and an accurate and powerful 120 mm gun with an autoloader. And that’s not all — the ammunition that can be carried is also the same as the already formidable Leclercs, which includes HEAT-FS as well as two APFSDS rounds. The best round has a base penetration value of over 570 mm!

This notable addition of the Leclerc AZUR will be waiting for you in the French ground research tree, and will arrive very soon as part of the upcoming “Sons of Attila” major update. Until then, enjoy your matches and see you soon!

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Super AMX-30
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