AMX-50 Foch: Racing Tortoise
We finish our devblog mini-series dedicated to the historical development and in-game performance of the AMX-50 family of tanks in War Thunder with a very mobile bunker, the "Foch"!

2 February 2018

AMX-50 Surbaissé
Last time, we discussed about the AMX-50 design. As conflict with the Soviet Union becoming more and more likely, the AMX-50 project received a breath of fresh air after its development was restarted with the "surbaissé", lighter and lower.

2 February 2018

AMX-13-90: New Toy to Play
The AMX-13-90 is a modernized version of the well-known AMX-13 light tank that received a significant upgrade to firepower during the 1960s. In War Thunder, the AMX-13-90 paves the way for French tankers to get access to some of their most advanced tech available at the higher ranks.

30 January 2018

AMX-13 DCA 40: Anti-Air Tank
Once the AMX-13 was developed, it’s chassis proved itself to be a very versatile one throughout the vehicle’s service life, taking on many different roles if certain adjustments were made. Thus, it’s not surprising that French engineers considered the AMX-13 as their first choice to serve as a base on which one of France’s first post-war mobile SPAA units would be created.

23 January 2018

Today we’re starting with a devblog series dedicated to the development history and in-game performance of the AMX-50 family of tanks, added to War Thunder in update 1.75 “La Résistance”. The first vehicle we’ll be taking a closer look at is the first prototype of the series, the AMX M4.

19 January 2018

AMC 35: Steel Cavalryman
The AMC 35 is a French interwar cavalry tank. Modern for its time, it had some reliability issue and never truly managed to shine in its full glory.

29 December 2017



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