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AMX-13-90: New Toy to Play
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The AMX-13-90 is a modernized version of the well-known AMX-13 light tank that received a significant upgrade to firepower during the 1960s. In War Thunder, the AMX-13-90 paves the way for French tankers to get access to some of their most advanced tech available at the higher ranks. Let’s take a closer look what the AMX-13-90 has to offer!

During the ‘50s and ‘60s, the AMX-13 light tank was considered to have underwhelming firepower when compared to certain other tanks fielded by other nations. To remedy this, several modernization and upgrade efforts were launched which focused primarily on improving the killing potential of the AMX-13. Some AMX-13s were equipped with different types of ATGMs, whilst others, like the AMX-13-90, received a larger caliber cannon with improved ballistic properties. In case of the AMX-13-90, the tank received, as the name already suggests, a 90mm CN 90 F3 cannon, which boasted increased penetrating power and allowed the AMX-13 to engage targets at longer distances too.


In War Thunder, the AMX-13-90 is one of the first vehicles tank commanders progressing through the French ground forces tree will be able to get their hands on at rank V. The AMX-13-90 offers players the known package of excellent mobility, low visibility and thanks to the new 90mm cannon, enhanced firepower as well. Whereas with previous models, performing flanking maneuvers to engage your opponent was essentially the core tactic which commanders had to employ in order to achieve optimal performance, the AMX-13-90 now also allows you to directly support your allies in head-on engagements if you so desire. The 90mm cannon, firing chemical rounds, is more than powerful enough to punch through most heavily armored vehicles from the front at the battle rating on which the AMX-13-90 currently resides. Whilst head-on attacks are an option with the AMX-13-90, it’s still recommended to take advantage of the vehicle’s high mobility and low profile to exploit holes within the enemy’s defences, and not to rely much on your thin armor plating.

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Overall, the AMX-13-90 continues the French light tank line and paves the way for players to rank VI, whilst offering more tactical options thanks to not only its upgrades to firepower, but also the retention of accustomed qualities like mobility and low visibility. For fans of fast, lightly armored vehicles, the AMX-13-90 is simply a must-have.  


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