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Founding of the South African National Defence Force: Rooikat 105 Returns for Golden Eagles!
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In 1910, the Union of South Africa was formed, and two years later on July 1st 1912, the Defence Forces were founded. They served in WWI and WWII, as well as the Korean War. Currently, 74,000 people serve in the South African National Defense Forces.

The Rooikat 105 returns for Golden Eagles and is here to stay!

In honor of the 112th anniversary of the South African National Defence Force, the Rooikat 105 is back for 9,090 Golden Eagles and will not be gone.

When: From today.

Where: Great Britain > Army > Premium vehicles.


About this vehicle

  • The Rooikat 105 is the ‘Caracal’, already well-known to fans of South African vehicles, but instead of a 76 mm cannon, it has a 105 mm gun. This gun has good armor penetration and a thermal imager and laser rangefinder to provide easy shooting in any conditions. Flank as much as possible and drive on roads where the Rooikat maintains excellent speed.
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