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Thunder CUP 2024 Results and Updating the Esport II Trophy!

The most prestigious tournament of the year — Thunder CUP 2024, has come to an end! Those of you who have watched the live streams on Twitch have received unique camouflages, the profile picture and the decal through Twitch Drops and were the first to witness who won in the tournament!

Now, the time has come to reveal the results and award the champions!

Победители турнира Thunder CUP 2024

Winners of Thunder CUP 2024

1st place – DODEC team
2nd place – MRCLS team
3rd place – LEET team

Congratulations to the winners! They’ll share the cash prize fund of $5000.

The Esports Trophy II

With the tournament, we introduced new camouflages representing esports teams created by some of the best authors from the Live.WT portal! The full list is below.

  • J-11 [eSport] KAPER Team
  • JAS39C [eSport] RAWR Team
  • JAS39A [eSport] MRCLS Team
  • Su 27 [eSport] LEET Team
  • Leopard 2A7 [eSport] DODEC Team
  • F-15A [eSport] RESTART Team
  • Strv 122b+ [eSport] DEVCON Team
  • T-90M [eSport] 25 FPS Team

Represent and support your favorite team by getting these camouflages from the ESPORTS TROPHY II that is on the Gaijin Market among other esport camouflages. Like the ESPORT TROPHY I, it can be obtained by simply playing regular War Thunder battles. PlayStation and Xbox players can purchase the trophy in the Item Shop and open it with Golden Eagles.

Read more on our Wiki.

Трофей «Киберспорт II»
"Esport II"
Ключ «Киберспорт II»
"Esport II"

To open it, you’ll need to purchase a key on the Market (income is shared with the authors of the camouflages). You can either activate the coupon on your account, or trade it on the Market to get Gaijin Coins (GJN). A trophy can be sold as well!

To unlock the trophy, you’ll need an “Esport” key that can be purchased on the Market for GJN.

Read more about the Market and Gaijin Coins on our Wiki.


To keep up with all the happenings in the world of Esports in War Thunder, join our community on Discord!

“Snailonidas” pack

For War Thunder Esports fans, don’t forget about this small but very cute pack that contains a unique decal and title.

“Snailonidas” pack!
War Thunder - Набор
The Kit Includes:
  • "Hoplomachus Snail" decal
  • "Snailonidas" title
  • 300 Golden Eagles
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