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Alpha Jet A & E: Alpha Strike!

The long awaited Franco-German strike aircraft will soon be available for you to hone your skills on in War Thunder when it arrives in the Alpha Strike major update. Today we’ll be introducing you to this famous European workhorse that has trained generations of pilots!

Alpha Jet A & E: A Strike Aircraft for Germany and France at Rank VI


  • Maneuverable!
  • Good low speed handling.
  • Small silhouette.
  • No guided munitions.
Vehicle History

By 1969, both Germany and France had a need for a new generation of jet trainer aircraft to replace their existing inventory of T-33 and Fouga Magister aircraft. It was decided that a collaboration between Dornier and Dassault-Breguet, with the latter first being two separate companies who later merged, had the best potential for a joint TA (Trainer Attack) aircraft over other competing manufacturers and won out the contest with the TA501.

This aircraft was to satisfy the Luftwaffe’s need to also replace their G.91 aircraft in the attack role, while the Armée de l'Air’s needs were mostly on the training gap that the Anglo-French Jaguar was initially intended to cover, but ended up being a more advanced supersonic conversion / strike aircraft. As such, two distinct versions of what would be the Alpha Jet were formed. The A - Appui / Attack and the E - Ecole / Trainer versions. These would be produced in sub assemblies in Germany, France and also Belgium.

The first prototype would take to the skies in October 1973 and after many more years of testing and trials, the Alpha Jet would enter French and German service in 1979, going on to be a success story of collaboration between nations. While it still serves to this day with France, the aircraft has also been a huge export success, with multiple nations from Belgium, Portugal and Thailand operating the type, as well as it also being popular with private company operators who use them as aggressor training aircraft in the UK, America and Canada.


Meet the Alpha Jet!

Coming in two distinct versions, the Alpha jet will introduce new strike capabilities to the French (E variant) and German (A variant) air trees in the next major update. A versatile platform with reliable flight characteristics and a dual pilot arrangement, this small sized attack aircraft will be a valuable addition to your ground forces lineups. Let’s take a closer look!

The Alpha Jet is a twin engine aircraft arrangement, powered by two SNECMA Turbomeca Larzac engines, enabling this jet to reach speeds of about 1,000 km/h. Swept back wings incorporate a design that allows for excellent low and high speed handling, being a forgiving trainer aircraft, but also a deadly precise subsonic attack aircraft.

Download Wallpaper:

Interesting: Alpha jets are not just used for military purposes. They are also utilized as a popular display act by the distinctive French Air Force display team, the Patrouille de France as well as other display teams like the Flying Bulls display team. The gun pods are often converted to smoke generators and colored dye added to get that distinctive display smoke, just like you can use in War Thunder too!

Those of you who are already familiar with the SK60 and SAAB 105 family of aircraft will already feel at home with this aircraft. The high wing of the Alpha jet means that, despite its small size, it can still carry an array of weaponry choices with some district specifics between each variant. Both offer a range of regular bombs, including 250 kg and 500 kg, as well as rockets with the help of CCIP and CCRP, aiding in the delivery of payloads to ensure they find their mark.


What are some of the core differences? Firstly, the offensive armament is the first major difference, with the German A model sporting a 150 round 27 mm Mauser BK27 cannon that can be found on the Tornado, and the French E model mounting a 30 mm DEFA 553 cannon with 150 rounds of ammunition. To make it easier to line up your shots, both guns are mounted on the center line of the aircraft! Secondly, the E model can also mount two additional 30 mm DEFA 553 cannon pods on the wings, something the A model can’t do. And lastly, the A model can carry 60 countermeasures as well as more rocket pods, both of which the E model lacks.

In your matches by Alex, Aircraft Game Designer: “The Alpha jet is one of the main vehicles in this update, hence the name. I would primarily use this aircraft in ground forces lineups, but you can also use it in air battles thanks to its small size, nimble maneuverability and good cannon. You don’t have any guided bombs, but regular bombs and a CCIP are the perfect combination for flying in low and dropping them onto enemy tanks. Use the 27 mm / 30 mm cannon, to fend off aircraft or shoot at lightly armored vehicles as well.”

Two variants of the Alpha Jet strike aircraft will soon be entering the game in the next War Thunder major update. Take your opponents back to school and boost your ground forces lineups with some CAS support from this small but deadly aircraft! Until the next one, stay tuned to the news for more of what’s to come!

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