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Alexander Pokyrshkin’s P-39N-0 Temporarily Returns for his Birthday!

On March 6th, 1913, Alexander Pokryshkin was born and was one of the most successful aces of the USSR. Pokyshkin worked as an aircraft technician for several years, dreaming of becoming a pilot, and secretly completed a one-year civil pilot program in 17 days. He participated in battles throughout World War II, shooting down more than 50 enemy aircraft. He was awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union title three times.

Pokryshkin’s P-39N-0 is temporarily available for Golden Eagles!

In honor of this Soviet Ace, you can get his aircraft for 1,300 Golden Eagles.

When: From March 6th (13:00 GMT) until March 9th (07:00).

Where: USSR > Aviation > Premium vehicles.


About this aircraft

  • Pokryshkin’s P-39N-0 differs from the regular Airacobra version, with the absence of machine guns on the wings, which means its flight characteristics are slightly better. The 37 mm M4 cannon can destroy enemy fighters with one hit, and if its ammunition runs out, 12.7 mm M2 Browning machine guns can be used.
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