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Pages of History (October)

In this month's Pages of History, you'll find yourself at the centre of events that happened at numerous battlefronts. From Hungary and the Netherlands, to Israel and the Solomon Islands — participate in battles using the vehicles that were used in these historic events and receive prizes!

From October 1st until October 31st you’ll be offered 8 tasks consecutively. Completing each will reward you with a trophy, completing all of them earns you a unique player icon.

John Basilone was a US Marine Corps Sergeant tasked with defending the Henderson Field airfield on Guadalcanal. On October 24th 1942, his unit came under attack by the Japanese forces, and two machine gun sections under Basilone’s command held them off for two days, not stopping even after only three defenders were left. As ammo began running low, Basilone fought through hostile ground to get supplies to his machine gunners. For his heroism during the battle he was awarded the Medal of Honor, US military’s highest award.

John Basilone

You can immediately purchase this profile icon for Golden Eagles until November 3rd, 11:30 GMT without completing tasks. Click Nickname → Achievements → Pages of History (October).

Trophy reward for each task

Completion of each individual task will bring you a trophy with one of the following rewards:

  • 20-50% RP booster for 3-10 battles;
  • 20-50% SL booster for 3-10 battles;
  • 3-5 universal backup vehicles;
  • 1 day of premium account;
  • A random camouflage for ground vehicles (out of the selection of camouflages currently obtainable in game for completing tasks, or purchasing with Golden Eagles).

Other terms

  • Tasks are available from 11:00 GMT until 11:30 GMT on the final day of each task.
  • Tasks can be completed in random battles, except for “Assault” mode.

October 1st — October 4th
Battle of the Scheldt

The Battle of the Scheldt began on October 2nd, 1944 in Dutch Zeeland and northern Belgium. A month earlier the Allies took Antwerp, the next major port to the east of Normandy, but the ships heading towards it had to pass through the Scheldt estuary which was in range of German artillery. After a month of fierce battles the Canadian army managed to push the Wehrmacht to the east, opening the supply route through Antwerp.

October 5th — October 8th
Valley of Tears

On October 6th, 1973 the Yom Kippur War began, with a coalition of Arab states invading Israel. The advance of much more numerous Syrian forces was held off for three days by the 7th Armored Brigade of the IDF: it lost almost all its vehicles, but managed to push the enemy back. The battlefield was later called the Valley of Tears.

October 9th — October 12th
Orsha offensives

October 12th, 1943 marked the beginning of the Soviet offensive in the Orsha region in Belarus. This area spent two years under German control, allowing the Wehrmacht to build strong defensive fortifications. As a result, the USSR forces suffered heavy losses while gaining little new ground.

October 13th — October 16th
Battle of the Chinese Farm

From October 15th through 18th of 1973 the biggest tank battle of the Yom Kippur War was held on the eastern bank of the Suez Canal. The Israelis called the Egyptian agricultural station with lots of Japanese equipment the “Chinese Farm”: it was near it where hundreds of tanks from both sides met in an intense close quarter combat. Both Israel and Egypt suffered heavy losses in the battle, but Israel emerged victorious and gained control of the bank of the canal.

October 16th — October 19th
Tikhvin Defensive Operation

On October 16th, 1941 the Soviet Army began its defensive operation under Tikhvin. It was one of USSR’s first strategic successes after the start of the German invasion: the full encirclement of Leningrad was prevented, the Wehrmacht wasn’t allowed to take the southern bank of Lake Ladoga, and German and Finnish forces remained separated.

October 20th — October 23rd
Second Battle of El Alamein

On 23rd of October, 1942 the decisive battle of North African Theatre began. The forces of the British Commonwealth were victorious against the Axis armies, making them retreat — first from Egypt, then from Libya, and finally into Tunisia where they were forced into a corner. For this victory General Bernard Montgomery was awarded the title of a viscount.

October 23rd — October 27th
Battle of Henderson Field

On October 23-26, 1942 the Japanese army stormed the American fortifications near Henderson Field airstrip on Guadalcanal, while being supported from sea and air. The opposing forces were nearly equal in numbers, but the losses of the Japanese were 30 to 50 times higher than those of the Americans. The Japanese were forced to withdraw, stopped any large-scale offensive operations on the island, and left it next February.

October 27th — October 31st
Budapest operation

On October 29th, 1944 Soviet and Romanian armies began their advance on the capital of Hungary. They spent the entire November trying to reach the city and then almost all winter in fierce urban warfare: Hitler ordered the German forces to defend Budapest at all costs. Victory was achieved only on February 13th, 1945.

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