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The Yak-38 Is Back for Its Maiden Flight Anniversary and Is Here to Stay

On September 22nd, 1970 the Soviet VTOL light strike aircraft Yak-38 performed its maiden flight — it was the first operational carrier-based VTOL fixed-wing aircraft in the Soviet Navy. It was designed especially for Project 1143 heavy aviation cruisers and served almost exclusively on them.

When: From September 22nd (10:00 GMT).


About the aircraft

  • The Yak-38 is a versatile aircraft that is great at attacking targets both in the air, on the ground, and in the sea, as it has access to powerful S-24B rockets, Kh-23M AGMs and R-60 AAMs. Its ability to perform vertical takeoff and landing opens up new tactical possibilities, and it reaches its max speed very quickly!
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