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USS Texas (BB-35): The First and the Last

USS Texas is one of two New York-class battleships constructed for the U.S. Navy prior to the outbreak of WWI. Considered as one of the most powerful warships at the time of its construction, in its 1945 configuration the USS Texas will soon reinforce the top rank of the American bluewater fleet in War Thunder as it docks in player ports with the arrival of the next major update!

Briefly: The first American super dreadnought built at the eve of WWI, serving through both world wars and introducing many technological innovations throughout its service.

USS Texas (BB-35): battleship, USA.


  • Heavy primary battery guns.
  • Excellent anti-air armament.
  • Competitive protection.
  • High displacement.
  • Low mobility.
  • Air search radar.

Following the approval for construction of the Wyoming-class battleships, US shipbuilders immediately began working on the development of a successor design. The follow-up design would retain many characteristics but would most notably introduce a more powerful 14’’ main battery. This design would become known as the New York-class, with two ships being ordered for construction in June 1910.

USS Texas was the second of the two ships constructed, with its keel being laid down in April 1911. Launched on 18 May 1912, USS Texas would be completed and commissioned into service on the 12th of March 1914, several months ahead of the ‘class’ lead ship. After brief operations in the Gulf of Mexico shortly after her entry into service, USS Texas took part in regular peacetime operations until the US joined ‘The Great War’ in 1917. During WWI, USS Texas participated in operations as part of the British Grand Fleet in which she mostly aided in escort missions.

In the interwar period, USS Texas was heavily modernized, receiving a new propulsion system and a bolstered anti-air battery. In 1919 Texas was also the first US Navy battleship to launch an aircraft, leading the way for inclusion of aviation on capital ships throughout its service. In late 1938 Texas was also the first US ship to test on board radar, again leading the fleet in a new technology. After the US entered WWII in December 1941, USS Texas would take part in her first major operation while supporting the landings in North Africa in 1942. Subsequently, USS Texas would also take part in the D-Day landings and soon after supported allied troops in the Mediterranean during ‘Operation Dragoon’ in 1944. Being transferred to the Pacific theater after a brief repair in New York, USS Texas would go on to support American troops in the Battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa with these two battles being USS Texas’ final major operations during the war.

USS Texas would survive WWII and was purchased by the state of Texas to turn the vessel into the country’s first permanent museum ship. The warship is now the last surviving super dreadnought class battleships left in the world and is currently undergoing an extensive restoration project in a drydock in the town of Galveston.


In War Thunder, USS Texas will be a powerful new battleship awaiting seasoned captains at the top rank of the American bluewater fleet in the next major update. Sporting a superior mix of offensive and defensive weapons, coupled with excellent protection, USS Texas will soon become a formidable adversary to face in the high seas of naval battles!

USS Texas’ main battery consists of ten of the already familiar 14”/45 Mk.8 (356mm) cannons, which veteran captains may recognize from USS Arizona and USS Nevada. Unlike these later designs however, the guns on USS Texas are mounted in five pairs of centerline mounts. Although possessing fewer total guns than USS Arizona, the added redundancy in having an additional turret reduces the impact a critical blow to the main weapons can have on the ship’s overall fighting capability. Furthermore, the vessel’s primary guns are augmented by a strong secondary battery consisting of six 5’’ (127 mm) and ten 3” (76 mm) cannons, which come in handy especially when dealing with smaller and more nimble targets at closer ranges.

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In stark contrast to most other American battleships currently present in War Thunder, USS Texas has notably improved anti-aircraft defenses, thus making the warship an excellent AA platform. The previously mentioned 10 dual-purpose 3’’ (76 mm) guns are complemented by 10 quad 40 mm Bofors and 44 single 20 mm cannons providing an impressive level of firepower against not just hostile aircraft but also torpedo boats. As a result, allied vessels with poorer AA capabilities can effectively team up with USS Texas to remain under its protective umbrella.

Fun Fact: After 33 years of active service and a long list of accomplishments in the US Navy, the USS Texas is the only Super Dreadnought class battleship existing anywhere in the world today and is listed as a world historic engineering marvel. The warship is currently undergoing a major restoration in Galveston, Texas.

Like other U.S. dreadnought battleships of time, USS Texas features a formidable armor layout, with its main belt going up to 305 mm in thickness which is additionally reinforced by torpedo bulges to increase the protection against this deadly underwater threat.. Furthermore, 356 mm of armor plating shields the gun turrets, thus resulting in excellent overall protection against incoming enemy fire. This coupled with a high crew count of 1,810 sailors gives USS Texas superb combat endurance. However, the ship’s high displacement also results in comparably low mobility with USS Texas only being able to reach a top speed of 21 kts (39 km/h).

USS Texas will appear in the game with the release of the next major War Thunder update!

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We’d also like to share some photos with you of this majestic ship in the process of restoration from a volunteer on the project. These are from Joe “Pony51” Kudrna, who is a devoted fan of the game and Technical Moderator on the international forum. Thank you, Joe!

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